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FAQ - General

Each colour dot represents a skin type:

normal skin

dry skin

oily, acne-prone skin

Anti-ageing care for skin from 35 years

The following products are also suitable for children:

Adtop Care Cream, Adtop Bath and Shower Lotion, Solvinea Med SPF 50+, Vitop forte Care Cream, Vitop forte Mild Hair Care Shampoo.

Vitop forte Junior Care Cream is even suitable for babies over 3 months.

Since the compatibility of medical skin care products is our top priority, it goes without saying that we do not use any fragrance mixes or any fragrances subject to declaration (according to the German Cosmetic Decree). Instead, the majority of the products are particularly mild and therefore perfumed in a skin-friendly way. A selection of perfume-free products is available for allergy sufferers.

DERMASENCE products are available in your pharmacy, they can also be ordered there.

Trained pharmacy staff and the colour code on the outer packaging help you to choose the right product. However, if there is an incompatibility, the product can be exchanged at the pharmacy where it was purchased. 

The skin is renewed every 28 days. As long as this is the case, new products should at least be used to draw a direct before-and-after comparison.

A good make-up foundation is characterised by a high moisture content combined with a slightly lipid-replenishing effect. For example, the following products are suitable: DERMASENCE Soothing Gel CreamDERMASENCE Seborra Light Gel CreamDERMASENCE Seborra Light Day Cream with SPF 30DERMASENCE RosaMin EmulsionDERMASENCE Hyalusome Moisturising CreamDERMASENCE Hyalusome Day Cream with SPF 50

Pure gel products are usually somewhat more difficult, because the make-up quickly becomes stained.

After shaving, DERMASENCE Tonic is suitable as a mild aftershave. It has a slightly disinfecting and at the same time soothing effect on the skin. Subsequently the DERMASENCE BarrioPro Facial Emulsion strengthens the skin barrier, moisturises and acts against irritations.

Baby skin

Yes, tender baby skin needs different care adapted to its special requirements. The protective functions have yet to fully develop and thus the skin is more sensitive to external stress. In addition, the skin barrier is not fully developed. As a result, babies’ skin is much more permeable. On the one hand, moisture can be lost more quickly and the skin dries up; on the other hand, pathogens and germs can penetrate the skin more quickly. Also, the skin is significantly thinner than adult skin and the subcutaneous fatty tissue is not fully developed. Therefore, the skin is sensitive to cold. Furthermore, the baby skin is particularly sensitive to the sun, since initially less melanin (pigment) is produced.

It should be noted that no allergy-suspicious fragrances, preservatives, colourants or skin-irritating emulsifiers are included.

DERMASENCE Vitop forte Junior is optimally suited for baby skin from three months of age. The cream offers special protection for irritated skin and skin prone to neurodermatitis and cradle cap. A breathable protective film lays on the skin, which protects against moisture loss and mechanical stress. Through their unique active complex of dyer's woad, aloe vera and green tea, the skin's own regeneration processes are stimulated and inflammatory processes and itching are prevented. Panthenol offers the plus of calming irritation. The skin barrier is strengthened by natural oils.

DERMASENCE Vitop forte Junior  can be used for children and babies over three months old. The Vitop forte Junior is free of fragrances and dyes, as well as parabens and mineral oils. It has a fat level of three, it is also suitable for use on sensitive adult skin.

Facial cleansing

The optimum cleansing of the skin consists of a cleansing product suitable for the skin, which is often removed from the skin with water. DERMASENCE Tonic balances the pH, strengthens the acid mantle and removes limescale and dirt from the skin.

In the evening, remove the make-up and dirt that has accumulated on the skin throughout the day. Overnight the skin metabolises a lot - it sweats. Morning cleansing prepares the skin for the day. Cleansing always provides the basis for facial care and makes the skin receptive for the following day and night care

DERMASENCE Tonic completes the cleansing, it strengthens the acid mantle of the skin through its acidic pH, soothes and hydrates its and increases its absorption capacity. Anyone who uses a tonic also needs less of the following care.

DERMASENCE Tonic contains only 5 % alcohol. On the one hand, this has a preservative and slightly disinfecting effect. It keeps the microflora on the skin in balance. Due to the rapid evaporation you can feel a cooling effect on the skin. On the other hand, alcohol can open the cell connections, thus improving the absorption capacity of the skin. Thus, the following ingredients of creams and serums can penetrate into the skin more easily. So you need less of the following care. The Tonic also contains nourishing and soothing ingredients, so it is also suitable for sensitive skin.