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Highly effective and compatible skin care with plant-powered ingredients

Green Science

Science for the Skin - with Plant Power

The medicinal effects of plants and plant extracts are once again becoming the centre of attention. We at DERMASENCE use this power of nature for effective and tolerable medical skin care. In doing so, we combine the ancient wisdom of natural healing with the latest findings of science. In this way, we actively shape medical skin care for every skin type and a wide variety of skin needs.

However, the increased use of plant-powered ingredients is not an end in and of itself: The focus is always on the particularly high tolerance of these natural active components. You can read below how we ensure this.

"DERMASENCE uses the active power of plants and at the same time offers particularly high product tolerability through specialized extraction and purification processes of the natural ingredients."

From plant to extract

With purification to greater tolerability

Numerous plant extracts are used in skin care. They are obtained from plant components (for example, roots or leaves) and can have a wide variety of targeted effects. Depending on the extraction process, however, the extracts also contain components that have no benefit for the skin or may even have an allergenic effect.

DERMASENCE therefore relies on a chemical process: During the so-called purification process, the allergenic components are removed from the plant extracts. Only the effective part of the extract remains, the so-called leading substance. This process increases the tolerance of the entire product.

DERMASENCE has now developed its own unique extraction processes for selected plants. An example of this innovative competence is the in-house extraction of the dyer's woad extract. Its leading substance has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties and is particularly suitable as an active ingredient in special care products for neurodermatitis as well as dry and irritated skin. You can see how elaborate and complex this extraction process is in the adjacent video.

The Medicos Science Center

Our competence center for the extraction of active ingredients

The production of purified active ingredient extracts is a highly specialized process. For the company's 30th anniversary in 2021, DERMASENCE opened its own facility, the Medicos Science Center, in Bernburg, Saxony-Anhalt. There, valuable extracts for medical skin care are obtained in cooperation with the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

With the network of experts and the establishment of scientifically supported in-house production and extraction, the course has been set for unique skin care products with the active power of nature.