DERMASENCE Adtop series

The skincare range for dry, rough, flaky and aging skin.

Dry skin is usually caused by a damaged skin barrier. The skin loses not only valuable moisture, but also protection against external influences. The care products of the DERMASENCE Adtop series counteract this development and allow the skin to breathe. For smooth, healthy skin.

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Products of the Adtop series

The Adtop series as well as all other DERMASENCE products are available in pharmacies.
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Effects of the Adtop series

Regenerating the protective function

With dry skin, the skin barrier is fragile and the acid mantle is not intact. The Adtop series promotes a healthy skin barrier and a strong acid protective mantle so that the skin can fulfil its protective function.


Increase moisture

Dry skin is deficient in so-called natural moisturising factors. These normally protect the skin from drying out. With urea and glycerine, the Adtop series relies on active ingredients that also occur in the skin and are thus particularly compatible.


Soothe skin

Dry skin tends to feel tense and itchy, which can make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Soothing active ingredients such as bisabolol give the skin the relaxation it needs. So not only does the skin come to rest, but you do too.


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