Itching | Dry, cracked skin is no longer itching! Finally peace for the skin - thanks to DERMASENCE Polaneth.

Dry skin that tends to itch (pruritus)

This is how the vicious circle develops

Itching (pruritus) can be attributed in numerous cases to a permeable skin barrier and dry skin. Usually, when the skin then tingles, tightens and itches, a vicious circle starts that not only puts the skin in an irritable mood, but also the sufferers themselves. Because with every scratch, further pathogens can enter the skin and intensify the itching.

The causes of itching are manifold. It is not always possible to treat them or avoid them. With the right skin care, you can very specifically curb the specific problems of itchy skin and effectively provide relief even in acute cases. Beyond SOS care, you should adjust your skin care to sustainably regenerate and hydrate your dry skin.

Causes of itching


Inflammatory skin diseases (e.g. Neurodermatitis oder Psoriasis) and internal diseases (e.g. diabetes) can be accompanied by itching.



Certain Medicines (e. g. selected antihypertensives) and therapies (e. g. Cancer treatments) can have itching as a side effect.


Excessive hygiene
Excessive hygiene

Too frequent contact with water - especially with drying soaps - flushes valuable naturally occurring lipids (fats) from the skin and thus damages the skin barrier.


Strong UV radiation
Strong UV radiation

Excessive UV exposure dries out the skin and thus strains the skin barrier.Also „sun allergies“ can cause itching.


Itching on the body

When itching on the body is accompanied by dry skin, the following parts of the body are typically affected:

  • Shins
  • Elbow
  • Back
  • Scalp


Itching with age

With age, the number of people suffering from itching also increases. This is due to the natural processes of the skin: From the age of about 60, the pH value of the skin increases. This also changes the microflora and the skin tends to become increasingly dry over time.


Itchy scalp

The scalp is very well supplied with blood and has numerous nerve cells. This makes it particularly sensitive and prone to itching. The scalp can cause stress with a slight tingling sensation or acute, severe itching.

An adapted medicinal skin care can optimally soothe itchy scalps in many cases. At DERMASENCE you will find two products especially for irritated, prickly scalps with effective anti-itch formula. It immediately reduces itching, leaving the skin feeling relaxed.

  • DERMASENCE Polaneth Shampoo cleanses mildly and is also suitable for daily hair washing.
  • DERMASENCE Polaneth Cooling Scalp Liquid is applied to towel-dried hair. It is quickly absorbed without being greasy.

DERMASENCE Polaneth - Acute care for itching

The DERMASENCE Polaneth Lotion has proven to be a great remedy when it comes to itchy skin on the body. It relies on an effective combination of moisturising and itch-reducing active ingredients. It effectively counteracts tense sensations, tingling and acute itching.

In addition to DERMASENCE Polaneth Lotion, we recommend our other products from the Polaneth series to people with itchy scalps..


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