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What is neurodermatitis?

Neurodermatitis (also atopic dermatitis and atopic eczema) is a chronic skin disease that occurs in episodes. It leads to an insufficient formation of the skin's naturally protective layer.



What symptoms indicate atopic dermatitis?

  • Very dry, scaly skin, sometimes with tense sensations
  • Moderate to severe itching
  • Local infections (as a result of scratching)
  • Reddening of the skin as well as gradually thickening, leathery skin structure, sometimes with deeper skin furrows (chronic lichenification)
  • Typically affected areas of the body in babies and young children: Scalp, cheeks, neck, elbows, back of the knees, hands, belly
  • Typically affected body regions in adults: Hands, crook of the elbow, back of the knee, eyes

Causes and course of neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis usually begins in infancy. It is not uncommon for the extreme manifestations to diminish with the onset of puberty. However, as it is a chronic disease, the skin remains dry, sensitive and in need of care throughout life.

The skin tends to react to a variety of stimuli with eczema and acute flare-ups. These alternate with relapse-free phases:

  • Periods without relapses: The skin is "merely" dry and irritated, possibly also slightly scaly.
  • Acute phases: The skin shows eczema, is inflamed and itches. Often there are also Blisters appear, which can ooze after bursting.

Relapses can be promoted by various triggers. The duration of a flare-up is individual and can vary from several days to several weeks. In the case of acute flare-ups, you should consult your dermatologist in order to tailor an individual therapy to your current skin condition.

Neurodermatitis relapses triggers


Neurodermatitis often occurs in combination with hay fever/allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma


Psychological stress
Psychological stress

Stress or emotional excitement caused by stressful situations



Mechanical stimuli
Mechanical stimuli

For example, due to tight-fitting or scratchy clothing made of wool or synthetic fibres


Climatic factors
Climatic factors

For example, strong temperature fluctuations, dry (heating) air, cold temperatures


The right skin care for neurodermatitis

In addition to the triggers mentioned, skin care also has a strong influence on the development and duration of acute relapses.

  • Frequent contact with water and warm water remove additional oil and moisture from the skin.
  • Numerous cleansing products and cosmetics contain (potentially) skin-irritating ingredients and thus further irritate the skin.

The primary goal is to regenerate and stabilise the skin barrier. This begins with gentle cleansing, which should not further dry out the skin and at the same time have a soothing and moisturising effect. The subsequent care should be rich in high-quality lipids (fats) as well as anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients.


DERMASENCE Vitop forte - intensive care for very dry and atopic-prone skin

For intensive care of irritated skin prone to neurodermatitis, DERMASENCE developed the Vitop complex. It contains three herbal active ingredients that give the products in the Vitop forte series their effective action:

  • woad has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Aloe vera soothes the skin, moisturises and reduces itching
  • Green tea has an anti-oxidative, skin-caring and anti-bacterial effect


Real effectiveness - scientifically proven

DERMASENCE has proven the effectiveness of Vitop forte skin care cream in 2019 in a dermatocosmetic study with 52 test persons (50% of whom suffer from atopic dermatitis).

    For two weeks, the participants applied DERMASENCE Vitop forte skin care cream twice a day.The result:

    • The skin condition of all participants improved significantly.
    • Itching (pruritus) and scratching frequency decreased.
    • The participants' perceived quality of sleep and quality of life increased.
    • The caring properties received positive ratings.

    Vitop forte Junior care emulsion

    The protective screen for the skin of the youngest

    Special skin protection for sensitive baby skin

    • Herbal Vitop complex from woad, aloe vera and green tea
    • Protects against dehydration with natural oils such as shea butter and sea buckthorn pulp.
    • Promotes relief of mild irritation and redness with panthenol
    • Friction-free application thanks to easy-to-spread texture.
    • Can prevent nappy rash with regular use
    • For children and babies from three months


    Application of Vitop forte Junior care emulsion

    • Apply a pea-sized amount to affected skin areas up to twice a day
    • Long-term use is possible without any risk

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