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Skin protection with the dyer's woad extract for grown-ups and children.
The DERMASENCE intensive-care regenerated and strengthens the skin barrier – for a healthy skin.

What is neurodermatitis?

Skin care for neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis) refers to a chronic, intermittent skin disease, the main cause of which is insufficient formation of the natural barrier layer of the skin. Genetic factors (predisposition), environmental influences, the psyche and mechanical stimuli interact in a complex manner. It often starts in infancy.

Typical signs of neurodermatitis are very dry, flaky skin with tenderness or itching, which can cause scratching and local infections if the skin is damaged. Eczema often occurs on parts of the body that bend - on heavily stressed parts of the body such as elbows or knees. The more extreme forms frequently decrease with the onset of puberty. However, the skin usually remains dry, sensitive and in need of care for a lifetime. It tends to overreact to multiple stimuli with eczema and acute episodes, such as from stress, mechanical skin irritation and allergens, but also from infections and climatic factors. The form is different for different people and can vary greatly over the course of a life.

Effect of the dyer’s woad extract

Study documents on dyer’s woad extract: In vitro experiments on keratinocytes and mast cells demonstrate the effect of the leading components of dyer’s woad extract.

•  Reduction in proinflammatory interleukin-6 expression after 24- and 48-hour irradiation

•  Pretreatment reduces the inflammatory response even more effectively

•  In comparison with hydrocortisone: stronger after 24 hrs and after 48 hrs similarly effective reduction of interleukin-6 expression

Individual care for neurodermatitis – optimally tailored to your skin type

The right daily skin care can ensure that you feel good in your skin again. Even in stable phases, the skin is very dry and sensitive and needs appropriate "care-attention". For acute episodes, you should consult your dermatologist. He or she will tailor individual therapy to your current skin condition. In addition, dermatologically and cosmetically oriented skin care institutes offer you professional treatments in order to restore the skin's balance and thus achieve the most stable possible condition:

  • Mask applications promote the fat/moisture balance

  • Massages with lipid-containing creams and moisturising concentrates smooth the skin and relax

  • Slip-in treatments moisturise the skin

  • Derivative treatments such aslymph drainage have a soothing effect on the skin

The ultimate goal is the regeneration and stabilisation of the skin barrier through consistent medical skin care.

First and foremost is gentle cleansing, which does not further dry out the skin and at the same time should have a calming and lipid-replenishing effect. Frequent contact with water and especially warm water, which further removes fat and moisture from the skin, should be avoided. Lipid deficiency can be counterbalanced by oily creams or lotions while reducing the skin's roughness.

High quality ingredients such as evening primrose seed oil, which has a high gamma-linolenic acid content, is particularly recommended for atopic skin. Urea and glycerin help the skin retain moisture and keep it smooth and supple. Irritations can be alleviated by soothing agents such as panthenol and bisabolol. The combination of these recommended ingredients in particularly well-tolerated formulations strengthens the skin barrier and thus offers additional protection against mechanical irritations caused, for example, by clothing. Care should also be taken to maintain a balanced, healthy diet and to satisfy the fluid requirements of the body by sufficient intake of mineral water and other beverages without sugar or caffeine.

Deterioration of the skin condition can also be caused by food allergies or environmental allergies. Through allergy tests done by the dermatologist, these can be determined and triggers are therefore usually avoided. Your dermatologist or pharmacist will be happy to advise you which products from the DERMASENCE range are best suited for you when having neurodermatitis.

Protection against inflammation

  • Can prevent the development of itching and inflammation
  • Can calm the skin effectively
  • Reduces lasting redness
  • Therapy-accompanying care for neurodermatitis:
  • may prolong periods free of relapses with regular use

Protection against mechanical loads

  • Breathable, non-greasy
  • Protective film
  • Amphiphilic galenic imitates sebum
  • Strengthens the barrier function
  • Regulates TEWL

Application of Vitop forte

  • After mild cleansing, apply DERMASENCE Vitop forte twice daily (or as needed) to affected areas of skin.Long-term use is possible.

  • In case of acute itching, treat the skin with DERMASENCE Polaneth Lotion.

  • Especially kind to the skin and suitable for children.

Skin protection for children

Vitop forte Junior

The protective screen for the youngest people's skin

Special skin protection for a strong barrier for sensitive baby skin

  • Active complex of dyer’s woad, aloe vera and green tea
  • Natural oils such as shea butter and sea buckthorn pulp protect sensitive baby skin from drying out
  • Texture forms a breathable protective film
  • Easily applied galenics for friction-free application.Developed especially for baby skin
  • Promote the healing of mild irritations and redness with Panthenol

Use of Vitop forte Junior

  • Apply a pea-sized amount of DERMASENCE Vitop forte Junior to affected skin areas up to twice daily.Long-term use is harmless
  • Can prevent nappy rash with regular use.The baby’s skin should be dry before applying the cream
  • For children and babies from three months

Care product recommendations

Intensive formula for neurodermatitis

Vitop forte Care Cream

Peace for the skin due to the rediscovered natural power of the woad plant. DERMASENCE Vitop forte Care Cream reduces skin irritation, and the itching and swelling of dry and irritated skin. The care cream is ideal for dry skin and skin prone to neurodermatitis With its hypoallergenic, active complex made of woad, aloe vera and green team, DERMASENCE Vitop forte Care Cream can effectively prevent the symptoms of inflammation when used regularly. The care cream forms a breathable protective film on the skin, shielding it from mechanical irritations. Your skin comes to rest.

Intensive formula for sensitive baby skin

Vitop forte Junior

A protective shield for the youngest people's skin, which soothes with the power of nature: The DERMASENCE Vitop forte Junior is a care cream for infants and toddlers aged three months and over. It relieves skin irritation and is tailored to the needs of sensitive, dry and irritated baby skin. The emulsion is particularly suitable as accompanying care for neurodermatitis and can even be used as preventive care for nappy rash.

Intensive calming with a depth effect

Vitop forte Rescue Care Cream

DERMASENCE Vitop forte Rescue Care Cream was specially developed for very dry and irritated skin. With the proved Vitop complex, the care cream can prevent inflammatory processes. It provides intensive moisture with hyaluronic acid and glycerine, while skin-related lipids strengthen the skin barrier. The cream helps prevent acute dryness phases and is always available in the practical tube when the skin needs it.

With dyer's woad and hyaluron

Vitop forte Eye Care

The fragrance-free Eye Care is adapted to the special needs of very dry, itchy skin prone to neurodermatitis. With the proven Vitop complex, it offers protection against inflammatory processes and sustainably regenerates the skin barrier around the eyes. The dry skin is intensively hydrated with glycerine and hyaluron. Dark eye shadows are lightened.

Face cleansing for sensitive skin

Vitop forte Cleansing Foam

This gentle, soap-free and pH-neutral cleansing foam is formulated to meet the special needs of sensitive skin prone to redness and itching. With the Vitop-Complex, the foam protects the skin's natural barrier function and helps to reduce itching and a sense of dryness. The moisture content of the skin is preserved. This cleansing foam is recommended for use as a therapy-accompanying cleanser for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

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