DERMASENCE Solvinea series

Highly effective sun protection for the whole family

Protection against UV radiation is an important component in maintaining healthy skin. Protect yourself and your family effectively from the harmful effects of the sun's rays with the Solvinea range from DERMASENCE.


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Products of the Solvinea series

The Solvinea series and all other DERMASENCE products are available in pharmacies.
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Features of the Solvinea series

UV-A and UV-B protection

UV radiation reaches different layers of the skin depending on the type and also has different consequences: While UV-A radiation is primarily related to skin aging, UV-B radiation leads to sunburn, among other things. Solvinea products rely on a broadband filter that reliably protects against both types of radiation.


IR-A protection

Warming infrared radiation accounts for 40 % of solar radiation. It penetrates into the lowest skin layer (subcutis) and can lead to oxidative stress and inflammation there. Vitamin E counteracts the development of oxidative stress with its antioxidant effect. It is contained in all products of the Solvinea series.


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