DERMASENCE Polaneth series

The special care for sensitive, dry (head) skin that tends to itch.

Whether on the head or on the body: itching can mean real stress for the skin and soul. The DERMASENCE Polaneth series helps itch-prone skin to calm down. The combination of the anti-itch formula and active herbal components soothes itching sensations and stimulates the skin's own regeneration processes.

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Products of the Polaneth series

The Polaneth series and all other DERMASENCE products are available in pharmacies.
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Effects of the Polaneth series

Stopping itching

When the (head) skin itches, those affected want quick relief. Polaneth products reduce itching noticeably and for a long time. The anti-itch formula contains polidocanol, an effective local anaesthetic. Cooling active ingredients additionally soothe the skin.


Strengthen the skin barrier

Itching is often caused by damage to the naturally occurring skin barrier. This causes the skin to lose moisture and allows irritants to penetrate more easily. Scratching contributes to the damage of the skin barrier. Polaneth products counteract this vicious circle with active ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier.


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