Baby & children's skin | Protect the skin of your little ones! Here you can learn how to keep baby and children's skin healthy

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The ideal skin care for your little ones

How to properly care for sensitive baby and children's skin

Anyone who has ever touched the delicate skin of a baby feels how sensitive it is. This is because the skin of newborns many times thinner than that of adults. Only with 12 years the skin is fully developed. Until then, it needs particularly mild care. The right skin care is also a valuable companion when it comes to childhood skin diseases such as Diaper rash or Neurodermitis or reliable protection against UV radiation.

At DERMASENCE you will find care products specially designed for the sensitive skin of babies and children. High efficiency and best possible compatibility are, as with all DERMASENCE products, the measure of all things - for the skin health of your loved ones.


Baby skin - Gentle care for delicate skin

The skin of your baby is not only thinner than your own, but - in terms of ingredients - also more receptive. In addition, the ratio of skin area to body weight is different. As a result, babies absorb more of the ingredients in the care products they use than adults. If these are not adapted to the sensitive skin of newborns and infants, skin irritations or allergies can occur more easily.


nappy dermatitis and diaper thrush

Many parents are faced with skin problems in their baby's diaper area at some point. However, what is usually referred to as a "sore bottom" can be different skin conditions. Among the most common are nappy dermatitis and diaper thrush.


Symptoms: Redness, pimples and pustules, itching, burning. In the advanced stage also open, bloody skin areas.

Cause: It is not always recognizable, often diarrhea, selected foods or complementary feeding or incorrect cleaning and care routines lead to a sore bottom.


Symptoms: Redness, weeping main areas and (purulent) pustules, whitish scaly areas (often classified as ring-shaped)

Cause: Fungal infestation by the yeast Candida albicans (also called thrush fungus)


At the latest in the case of weeping sores, scaling and persistent skin problems, parents should obtain a medical diagnosis. Dermatologists can check whether the use of medication is appropriate and give valuable advice.

In addition to "air baths" in which the affected skin areas remain naked for at least 10 minutes, as well as more frequent nappy changes, a to recommend a suitable skin care . The DERMASENCE Vitop forte Junior Care emulsion was specially developed for the sensitive skin of babies from three months. Thanks to the Vitop-Complex the cream supports the skin's own regeneration processes and can thus contribute to the prevention of inflammation and itching. 

Sun protection for the little ones

UV protection is elementary when it comes to keeping babies' and toddlers' skin healthy. To protect their little ones from the sun, parents should never expose to direct sunlight. In addition, we recommend the following measures:

  • Avoiding the midday sun between 12 and 3 p.m.
  • Choose the "right" shade (concrete shade protects better than a light, thin parasol).
  • Use additional UV protection through clothing

The DERMASENCE Solvinea Baby LSF 50 is a sunscreen that provides high protection for children's skin sensitive to the sun. It protects the skin of your little ones not only from UV-A- and UV-B-rays, but also counteracts damage caused by infrared (IR-A) radiation. Thanks to the light texture it spreads well and does not leave a white film.

Children's skin does not need much care - but the right one

Even if they have outgrown the baby and toddler age, children need a child-friendly skin care. The skin is not fully developed until the age of 12. In principle, however, the following also applies: If there are no skin diseases, children's skin does not need much.


  • To clean the scalp and hair, we recommend a mild, pH skin neutral shampoo, that moisturizes the scalp and improves the combability of the hair.
  • To cleanse the body should be a soap-free, pH skin-neutral syndet should be applied. Look for low-irritant formulations that protect children's sensitive skin from drying out.


  • Children's skin tends to dryness. It is therefore recommended moisturizing creams or lotions applied after showering or bathing.
  • In addition, on sunny days and in the summer, the use of child-friendly sun protection products. A high sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 50.

Product recommendations for children from 3 years