DERMASENCE RosaMin series

The care series for couperose and rosacea-prone, sensitive skin.

The DERMASENCE RosaMin series was specially developed for sensitive and reactive skin prone to redness. All products strengthen the sensitive vessels of the skin with the help of the herbal 5-fold active complex and thus prevent redness. For even better skin compatibility, all DERMASENCE RosaMin products are fragrance-free.

From morning to evening, optimally cared for: From cleansing to day care to night care, the skin is optimally cared for around the clock. The DERMASENCE RosaMin series is innovative care that increases the skin's resistance and prevents inflammatory processes.

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Products of the RosaMin series

The RosaMin series and all other DERMASENCE products are available in pharmacies.
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Effects of the RosaMin series

Strengthen vessels

Recurring redness causes the fine blood vessels of the skin (capillaries) to repeatedly dilate and their ability to subsequently contract diminishes. Vessel-strengthening skin care counteracts the permanent dilation of the capillaries.


Soothe the skin

Reddented skin can be soothed with anti-irritant, cooling and anti-irritant agents. In rosacea, there is also inflammation in the connective tissue, which should also be contained. The RosaMin series therefore also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients.


Uv protection

UV radiation is one of the most important trigger factors of rosacea. It can cause new vessels to form, inflammation to be promoted and veins to dilate. For the day, we recommend a day care with high sun protection for people with a tendency to skin redness.


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