Adtop Cream

Rich care for dry skin

Adtop plus

Especially for very dry skin

BarrioPro Body Emulsion

Counteracts redness and discomfort

BarrioPro Cleansing Foam

Anti-irritative cleansing foam

BarrioPro Facial Emulsion

Regenerating facial emulsion

Bath and Shower Lotion

Mild wash lotion for every skin type

Chrono retare Anti-Ageing Eye Care

Eye care from 45

Chrono retare Anti-Ageing-Serum

Facial care from 45

Cleansing Milk

Gentle cleansing for sensitive skin

Cream + Mask

Day care and mask for stressed skin

Cream Extra

Rich day care formula for stressed skin

Eye Cream

Basic eye care

Polaneth Liquid

Cooling scalp tonic

Polaneth Lotion

For itching and skin in old age

Polaneth Shampoo

Soothing for scalp irritation

Skinpro Lipo

Lipid-replenishing body care


Skin clarifying tonic

Vitop forte Care Cream

Intensive formula for neurodermatitis

Vitop forte Eye Care

With dyer's woad and hyaluron

Vitop forte Junior

Intensive formula for sensitive baby skin

Vitop forte Rescue Care Cream

Intensive calming with a depth effect

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