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Hand hygiene recommendations

Recent years have shown us how important hand hygiene is. It is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to prevent infection.

Washing and disinfecting hands thoroughly is extremely important, but it also leads to dry, irritated hands. DERMASENCE offers you products that gently cleanse your hands and provide them with valuable care substances. You can find the care products in your pharmacy.

To thoroughly clean your hands, you should soap them for 20-30 seconds. This is significantly longer than you think.

Make sure to pay attention to all parts of the hand equally. For example, the fingertips are often forgotten!

Anna Tersteeg, cosmetologist

For dry hands

In order to maintain skin moisture despite regular hand washing and to strengthen the skin barrier, we recommend DERMASENCE Adtop plus Care cream. Applied before bedtime, the cream can develop its nourishing effect overnight and effectively support the skin of your hands during regeneration.

For extremely dry hands

Do you mainly clean your hands with disinfectant? In this case, we recommend DERMASENCE Vitop forte Care cream for daily hand care. The cream effectively soothes stressed and extremely dry skin. To do this, apply the Vitop forte before going to bed and let it soak in overnight.

Skin protection to go

DERMASENCE Mycolex Care foam is ideal for stressed skin on the hands. The protective complex of old medicinal plants has a regenerating and moisturising effect. The foam forms a breathable and non-greasy skin protection film that keeps your skin barrier healthy.

Frequent hand washing stresses the skin barrier - with these tips you can protect your skin and keep it healthy

The main problem with hand hygiene is the disruption of the natural lipid protective film of the skin and the weakening of its resistance due to dehydration. Very frequent washing of the hands dries out the skin! The cause is the disruption of the natural layer of fat, which normally lies over the skin like a protective film.

Attacked skin has numerous, invisibly small cracks that represent entry points for pathogens and also form a pathogen reservoir that can no longer be reached by hand hygiene measures. Repeated contact with irritant substances can lead to the development of hand eczema, which manifests itself through itchy, red and scaly skin areas.

Thorough hand washing

Ordinary soaps remove the greasy protective film, the stratum corneum underneath swells, and natural moisturising factors are rinsed out of the skin. It is therefore also recommended that hands should never be washed with water that is too hot, because the high temperatures stress the skin even more. To enable the protective film to regenerate quickly, use a skin-friendly washing lotion with low potential for irritation and sensitisation, such as our DERMASENCE Adtop Wash and shower lotion: It cleanses thoroughly but gently and, thanks to its moisturising properties, prevents the skin from drying out.

Bring stressed skin back into balance

Our skin also deserves a break for regeneration. It reacts quickly showing stress with irritation, redness and dryness, which show us that our protective cover is impaired.

DERMASENCE BarrioPro Barrier-building body emulsion can support the building of a healthy skin barrier and at the same time supply the skin with intensive moisture. The protective, anti-irritative formulation gives us soothing moments of pampering, and intensive regeneration. If necessary, it can be used several times a day.