DERMASENCE Chrono retare series

Regenerative anti-ageing care for mature skin from the age of 45.

The DERMASENCE Chrono retare series offers regeneration and cell protection for mature skin from the age of 45. The products counteract the hormonally reduced collagen and hyaluron synthesis, protect and regenerate the skin. High-quality ingredients support cell renewal, moisturise and maintain the healthy function of the skin.

From morning to evening, optimally cared for: From cleansing to day care to night care, the skin is optimally cared for around the clock. The DERMASENCE Chrono retare series is a revitalising anti-ageing moisturiser that ...

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Products of the Chrono retare series

The Chrono retare series as well as all other DERMASENCE products are available in pharmacies.
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Effects of the Chrono retare series

Reduce moisture and lipid deficiency

The skin ageing process favours dry skin - or more precisely, skin that is low in oil and moisture. The products in the Chrono retare series therefore contain a combination of high-quality oils (for example jojoba oil) and moisturising active ingredients (such as hyaluron). In this way, lipid and moisture deficiencies are balanced out.


Smooth skin and improve elasticity

Contrary to widespread advertising promises, the formation of wrinkles cannot be stopped, but their intensity can certainly be influenced. Chrono retare products rely on various anti-ageing active ingredients that, among other things, stimulate collagen products and thus plump up wrinkles from the inside out.


Boost skin regeneration and protect cells

With age, the activity of some skin cells decreases, so that the skin looks tired and sallow. At the same time, fewer skin cells are produced in the epidermis than before. Chrono retare care products stimulate the skin's natural ability to regenerate. They also protect the skin cells from oxidative stress.


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