DERMASENCE Mycolex series

Barrier-strengthening foot care

Healthy feet reliably carry us through life - and contribute to our well-being. Dry, stressed feet in particular benefit from regular, nourishing foot care. The products of the DERMASENCE Mycolex series convince with moisturising ingredients such as urea and glycerine. The series also offers targeted solutions for calluses.

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Products of the Mycolex series

The Mycolex series and all other DERMASENCE products are available in pharmacies.
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Effects of the Mycolex series

Strengthen the skin barrier

A strong skin barrier protects against dehydration, retains moisture and forms a distinctive protection against pathogenic germs, such as athlete's foot spores. The Mycolex series offers barrier-strengthening care for dry, stressed feet.


Counteract excessive cornification

The skin on the feet is meant for a lot of physical activity. But excessive horn formation can not only be visually disturbing, but also painful. The Mycolex series gets rid of excessive hornification and counteracts its reformation.


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