Irritated skin | Balance for the skin barrier – BarrioPro regenerates your skin, reduces paraesthesica and strengthens the skin barrier

Rest instead of irritation

A skin barrier in balance – for many, this is unfortunately not a normal condition. Environmental factors such as heating air, cold, UV radiation or exhaust gases can put our skin in constant stress. Even shaving or scratchy clothing can quickly lead to irritation on sensitive skin types. Redness and discomfort such as burning, stinging or itching are often the result.

If the skin barrier is damaged, however, foreign substances and pathogens have an easy job. At the same time, it is difficult for disturbed skin barrier to store moisture. As of this our skin health easily gets out of balance. A protective cover in top form requires support – a soothing care that builds up and reliably strengthens its barrier function.

Product recommendations for cleansing

Skin clarifying tonic
DERMASENCE Tonic, 200 ml


The moisturising tonic refreshes and soothes the skin after cleansing. It regulates the pH value and is particularly well tolerated with a low alcohol content. Also suitable as a mild aftershave.

Care product recommendations

Regenerating facial emulsion
DERMASENCE BarrioPro Facial Emulsion

BarrioPro Facial emulsion

Special formula for irritated and skin prone to redness. It reduces sensations and strengthens the skin barrier. Ideal after aesthetic procedures. The skin receives support during regeneration.

Counteracts redness and discomfort
DERMASENCE BarrioPro Body Emulsion

BarrioPro Body emulsion

The moisturising body emulsion nourishes and vitalises irritated skin. Used daily, sensations and redness are reduced throughout the body without leaving a greasy film. It gives the skin suppleness and is also ideal for care after aesthetic treatments.

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