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Symptoms and development of stressed skin

Whether it's pollen, the cold or scratchy clothes, many people with sensitive skin are under constant stress from these factors. But the skin can also become unbalanced as a result of diseases and their treatment (e.g. oncological therapies).

Redness and discomforts such as burning, tense or itching sensations are often the consequence.

Strictly speaking, stressed, sensitive skin is not a separate skin type. Hautirritationen können bei allen Hauttypen auftreten. However, people with dry skin are actually more prone to skin irritation. This is because a disturbed skin barrier plays an important role in both dry and stressed skin.

When the skin's barrier is damaged, the contaminants and pathogens can easily enter the system. They can penetrate deeply and can cause Micro-inflammations. At the same time, a damaged skin barrier has difficulties in retaining moisture. The skin dries out further and discomforts such as itching increase. This is how our skin health easily gets out of balance.

To bring the skin back into balance, two approaches are essential:

  1. Wherever possible, avoid the causes of skin stress.
  2. Focus on adapted skin care that strengthens the skin barrier.

Causes of stressed skin

Psychological stress
Psychological stress

In stressful phases of life, some people's skin appears more sensitive. The reason for this is the release of stress hormones. They influence the hormone balance, which is closely linked to skin health.


Pollen and other allergens
Pollen and other allergens

Allergies, for example to pollen or animal hair, are not only manifested by watery eyes or hay fever. The skin also tends to become irritated when the smallest allergens pass through the damaged skin barrier.


Physical stimulation
Physical stimulation

Repetitive friction or stretching places enormous stress on sensitive skin. It is caused, for example, by scratchy or tight-fitting clothing - or by scratching by hand. Like a vicious circle, this promotes the further development of micro-inflammations.


Aggressive cleansing products
Aggressive cleansing products

Frequent contact with water is a burden on every skin type. If cleansing products are used that are highly degreasing or contain aggressive active ingredients or concentrations of active ingredients, this leads to unnecessary irritation of sensitive skin.


BarrioPro series - barrier-strengthening care for stressed skin

A strong skin barrier is essential to counteract skin irritations such as tense sensations or redness. Regeneration of the skin barrier is therefore the important keyword in the DERMASENCE BarrioPro series. The products soothe damaged and stressed skin. They have a regulating effect on micro-inflammations and at the same time reduce skin redness.At the same time, they have a regulating effect on micro-inflammations and reduce reddening of the skin.

In addition, the DERMASENCE BarrioPro series is recommended as a therapeutic support for various medications (e.g. oncological therapies), in the case of sunburn ,shaving burn (folliculitis barbae) or after dermatological-aesthetic treatments.


Wound and scar care

Our skin is a real miracle organ, because it can heal itself. Wound healing and scar formation are among the particularly complex processes of the skin. The right skin care supports the skin in recovery and minimises accompanying skin irritations such as itching, tense sensations or redness.

Die DERMASENCE BarrioPro Wound and Scar Care Emulsion was developed for the care of surgical wounds, burns and cuts. The intensive care contributes to a more even skin appearance and improves the scar structure.

Note: Do not use on open wounds. Apply the care emulsion only to closed wounds, for example after stitches have been removed or as soon as the wound is completely covered with scab.


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