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Symptoms and development of dry and very dry skin

Dry skin (xerosis cutis) can be recognised by the fact that it is rough, coarse and arid. It She tends to scaling and redness. tensesanditching this can additionally burden those affected.

Typically, dry skin and very dry skin occurs on the following areas of the body: Face, hands, elbows, feet, shins. However, it can also extend over other parts of the body.

With dry skin, the skin barrier is no longer intact and can therefore no longer fulfil its protective function. The reason for this is a Lack of lipids (fats) on the surface of the skin, which normally form a healthy film. There is an increased transepidermal water loss (TEWL), during which valuable moisture escapes from the skin.

The right skin care effectively counteracts dry skin. The goal is sustainable regeneration and hydration of the skin. The DERMASENCE Adtop series is optimally adapted to the special needs of dry skin.

Causes of dry and very dry skin

The causes of dry skin are diverse and can be due to the body's own (endogenous) and external (exogenous) influences:

  • Endogenous causes: Genetics, age, diseases (including neurodermatitis or psoriasis, but also diabetes), stress
  • Exogenous causes: UV radiation, medications, incorrect care and cleaning products, lifestyle habits (smoking or lack of fluids, among other things)

Active ingredients & measures for dry skin

Replenishing active ingredients (e.g. jojoba oil).
Replenishing active ingredients (e.g. jojoba oil).

Classic dry skin needs products with a high to very high content of refatting active ingredients in the form of lipids. An excellent active ingredient is jojoba oil, because it integrates perfectly into the skin's natural lipid film. In this way, it protects against further moisture loss.


Moisturising active ingredients
Moisturising active ingredients

To compensate for the moisture loss of dry skin, active ingredients that moisturise the skin are recommended. These include for example Urea or Glycerine. As natural moisturising factors, they are particularly well tolerated by the skin.


Soothing active ingredients (e.g. bisabolol).
Soothing active ingredients (e.g. bisabolol).

Dry skin is often accompanied by redness, tense sensations or itching. Ingredients that counteract such irritations are a boon for dry skin. An effective active ingredient for soothing irritated skin is Bisabolol (camomile extract).


Washing and showering behaviour
Washing and showering behaviour

Contact with water is always a challenge for dry skin. This is because it shifts the skin's naturally pH value and - when conventional soaps are applied - washes away valuable lipids. People with dry skin should therefore reduce water contact to the bare minimum.


DERMASENCE Adtop - The care series for dry, rough, flaky and aged skin.

The DERMASENCE Adtop skin care cream is a proven problem solver when it comes to dry to very dry skin. It provides a breathable shield that protects the skin from mechanical friction. The cream for dry skin is also suitable for children's sensitive skin.

In addition to DERMASENCE Adtop skin care cream, we recommend people with dry skin to use our other products from the Adtop series.

It cares for dry and very dry skin from head to toe: from the gentle cleaning for scalp and body via the nourishing facial care for dry skin through to particularly moisturising creams with a very high lipid level.


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