Dry skin

Dry skin

Itching? Skin irritation?

Skin-soothing and barrier strengenthing Care
The DERMASENCE intesive-care products are getting you out of the itching vicious cycle.

Dry and irritated skin?

When the skin dries out and emits signals such as redness, scaling, itching, and signs of inflammation, it usually starts a vicious circle which puts not only the skin but also the  affected persons themselves in an irritable mood. Causes independently, dryness increasingly damages the healthy skin barrier and leads to a further deterioration of the skin situation.

There are many causes of skin irritations e.g.

  • excessive hygiene
  • excessive UV exposure
  • predisposition
  • ageing
  • underlying allergic reaction and neurodermatitis

With proper care, the specific problems of dry and irritated skin can be specifically combated and effectively provided for relief.
In addition to the sustainable regeneration and hydration of dry skin, the care must be optimally adapted to the needs of irritated skin.

Cleansing product recommendations


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Care product recommendations

Rich care for dry skin
Product picture DERMASENCE Adtop Creme

Adtop Creme

A multi-talented product for dry to very dry skin: DERMASENCE Adtop Creme is a care all-rounder for the whole family. It forms a safe skin protection coat and nourishes dry, sensitive and allergy-prone skin to make it supple and tender.

Especially for very dry skin
Product picture DERMASENCE Adtop plus

Adtop plus

DERMASENCE Adtop plus is specially formulated for dry and very dry skin. It combines the positive properties of Adtop Creme with the hydrating effect of urea (10%) and glycerine. This way, rough, flaky skin becomes soft and supple without producing a greasy film. Ideal in the context of interval therapy in eczema-prone skin.

For itching and skin in old age
Product picture DERMASENCE Polaneth Lotion

Polaneth Lotion

If the focus is more on itching, such as for very dry skin, aged skin and sun exposure, locally anaesthetic and cooling, itch-distracting ingredients, e.g. menthol effectively reduce the perception and discomfort of itching. Polaneth Lotion by DERMASENCE has a unique selling proposition with the combination of two stimulant reducers. In addition, urea and high-quality vegetable oils provide the skin with moisture and protect against further dehydration.

Intensive formula for neurodermatitis
Produkt picture DERMASENCE Vitop forte

Vitop forte

For neurodermatitis, Vitop forte provides an anti-inflammatory agent for the skin with the elemental power of herbal woad extract. Irritant intensive formula protects against inflammatory processes and irritations, regulates them and reduces redness.

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