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Dry and irritated skin?

When the skin dries out and emits signals such as redness, scaling, itching, and signs of inflammation, it usually starts a vicious circle which puts not only the skin but also the  affected persons themselves in an irritable mood. Causes independently, dryness increasingly damages the healthy skin barrier and leads to a further deterioration of the skin situation.

There are many causes of skin irritations e.g.

  • excessive hygiene
  • excessive UV exposure
  • predisposition
  • ageing
  • underlying allergic reaction and neurodermatitis

With proper care, the specific problems of dry and irritated skin can be specifically combated and effectively provided for relief.
In addition to the sustainable regeneration and hydration of dry skin, the care must be optimally adapted to the needs of irritated skin.

Cleansing product recommendations

Refreshing facial toner
DERMASENCE Tonic, 200 ml


The moisturising tonic refreshes and soothes the skin after cleansing. It regulates the pH value and is particularly well tolerated with a low alcohol content. Also suitable as a mild aftershave.

Soap-free and mild body wash
Button: Formerly Bath and Shower Lotion
DERMASENCE Adtop Wasch- und Duschlotion, 200 ml

Adtop Wash and shower lotion

This caring daily cleansing product is pH-skin neutral and free from soap. Thoroughly cleanses the skin without irritating it. Prevents the skin drying out, stabilises the protective acid mantle and cares with minerals from the Dead Sea.

Care product recommendations

Revitalizing facial moisturiser for dry skin
formerly Cream Extra
DERMASENCE Adtop Extra reichhaltige Gesichtspflege, 50 ml

Adtop Extra rich facial care

Intensive care with a high lipid content for sensitive and very dry skin. It protects the skin against drying out and has a smoothing effect. The skin is protected from environmental influences with vitamin E. The cream is an ideal winter care to protect from cold stress.

Rich care for dry skin
DERMASENCE Adtop Pflegecreme, 250 ml

Adtop Care cream

The perfume-free cream provides effective care for dry skin and skin prone to neurodermatitis. Due to its amphiphilic nature, it forms an effective, skin-related protective film that is breathable and absorbs moisture. There is a reduction in roughness and possible stress caused by mechanical stimuli. Bisabolol removes tension and calms the skin. Daily use has a regenerating effect on the skin’s barrier function. The preparation is ideal in the context of interval therapy for skin prone to neurodermatitis. The cream is not greasy and is absorbed immediately. It is also suitable for sensitive children's skin from 3 years of age.

Especially for very dry skin
DERMASENCE Adtop plus, 100 ml

Adtop plus Care cream

It combines the positive properties of Adtop Cream with the hydrating effect of urea (10%) and glycerine. This makes Adtop plus especially suitable for dry and very dry skin. Rough, flaky skin becomes soft and supple without producing a greasy film. Ideally suited for interval therapy of skin prone to neurodermatitis.

Ultra-moisturising lotion for very dry skin
formerly SkinPro Lipo
DERMASENCE Adtop Lipidlotion, 200 ml

Adtop Lipid lotion

This body lotion cares for dry to very dry and flaky skin. Binds moisture in the skin with natural moisturising factors such as urea (5 %) and glycerine and makes it supple. Nourishing oils such as olive and jojoba oil sustainably prevent the skin from drying out.

Purifying shampoo for dry and flaky scalp
formerly Medicinal Shampoo
DERMASENCE Adtop Medizinal Shampoo, 200 ml

Adtop Medicinal shampoo

This shampoo counteracts dry scalp and dandruff with ichthyol, an easily tolerated replacement for coal tar. Preserves the natural hydration of the scalp. For a relaxed scalp without itching and feelings of tension.

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