Adtop plus 40

Intensive formula for extremely dry skin

Aloe Vera Active Gel

Anti-irritative moisturising mask

BarrioPro Gesichtsemulsion

Regenerating facial emulsion

BarrioPro Körperemulsion

Counteracts redness and discomfort

BarrioPro Wund- und Narbenpflegeemulsion

Intensive formula after skin injuries

H³ Komplex

Nutritional supplement for a healthy appearance


Special formula for pigmentation

Mycolex Pflegeschaum

Mycolex Pflegeschaum nourishes with the power of nature

Polaneth Liquid

Cooling scalp tonic

Polaneth Lotion

For itching and skin in old age

Seborra Akutroller

Pimple stop – pinpoint accuracy and fast acting

Vitop forte

Intensive formula for neurodermatitis

Vitop forte Junior

Intensive formula for sensitive baby skin


Regenerating repair foam

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