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Red cheeks, red nose - rosacea?

When skin redness becomes a burden

Redness on the face is unpleasant for many people. Many people are unaware of the chronic inflammatory skin disease rosacea (also called copper rose). Early care is the best way to prevent further inflammation and stabilise the skin in the long term. 

The symptoms of rosacea vary depending on the subtype and stage. Typical signs include temporary or permanent redness on the cheeks, the nose, chin and more rarely on the forehead or on the eye.

Rosacea subtypes - stages and types of the skin disease

Early stage rosacea

Rosacea diathesis

Sudden attacks of redness (so-called flushes) that disappear after some time.

Subtype 1

Rosacea erythematotelangiectatica

Flushes, permanent redness and dilated veins (telangiectasias).


Subtype 2

Rosacea papulopustulosa

Permanent redness and dilated veins (telangiectasias), papules and pustules.

Subtype 3

Rosacea of the phymatous type

Permanent redness as well as connective tissue and sebaceous gland growths (mainly on the nose)

Causes and influencing factors

It is not yet clear what causes the skin disease. Doctors suspect a combination of genetic predisposition and external factors (triggers). These factors include:


UV radiation
UV radiation

especially unprotected sunbathing

Psychological stress
Psychological stress

e.g. stressful situations

Certain food products
Certain food products

e.g. alcohol or spicy food

Temperature change
Temperature change

Significant temperature fluctuations

The correct skin care for rosacea

In addition to avoiding the individual trigger factors, you should pay special attention to the correct skin care regimen: Choose products that calm the skin and reduce inflammation. Very oily products can lead to an unnecessary heat build-up in the skin and should therefore be avoided. Instead, we recommend light formulations that focus on the correct active substances.


Anti-redness complex - 5-fold active ingredient power from nature

With our RosaMin series we rely on the power of nature. A combination of five active substances effectively inhibits redness, reduces the potential for inflammation in the tissue and strengthens the skin's blood vessels. These plants give the RosaMin care series its effective power:

  1. Horse chestnut: Its escin extract positively influences cell function, strengthens capillary walls, has a skin-calming and anti-irritant effect.
  2. Liquorice root: The salt of the glycyrrhizic acid it contains has an irritation-reducing effect.
  3. Indian marsh pennywort: Its extract promotes the regeneration of connective tissue, strengthens the elastic fibres of the skin and increases collagen synthesis.
  4. Calendula: Calendula flower extract has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect.
  5. Butcher's broom: Its root extract has a contracting (astringent) and stabilising (vasoactive) effect on the vessels.

Product care recommendations

DERMASENCE RosaMin Intensively soothing serum

Highly concentrated intensive care for rosacea-prone skin

The DERMASENCE RosaMin Intensively soothing serum is the most effective product in our RosaMin series that is richest in active substances. In addition to the proved 5-fold complex, it also contains two other plant substances: Rutin protects the skin against free radicals - one of the most important trigger factors in rosacea. Dyer’s woad effectively reduces the inflammation that takes place in the connective tissue. They optimally complement the anti-redness complex.

The light serum

  • strengthens the sensitive vessels
  • prevents visible signs of inflammation
  • hydrates, cools and soothes irritated skin immediately and
  • also offers an anti-aging effect thanks to the combination of active substances with hyaluronic acid which
  • is absorbed immediately


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