formerly PhytoClare
DERMASENCE Seborra Beruhigende Gelcreme, 50 ml

Seborra Soothing Gel Cream

Sebum reducing facial care with Niacinamides

DERMASENCE AHA Body & Face Lotion, 200 ml

AHA Body & Face Lotion

Body lotion with fruit acid and urea

DERMASENCE AHA Effects plus C, 30 ml

AHA Effects plus C

Revitalising fruit acid cream

DERMASENCE Aloe Vera Active Gel, 75 ml

Aloe Vera Active Gel

Anti-irritative moisturising mask

DERMASENCE Bath and Shower Lotion

Bath and Shower Lotion

Mild wash lotion for every skin type

DERMASENCE Chrono retare Anti-Ageing Eye Care

Chrono retare Anti-Ageing Eye Care

Eye care from 45

DERMASENCE Face Peeling, 50 ml

Face Peeling

Peeling cream with microspheres of plant origin

DERMASENCE Hyalusome Day Cream with SPF 50

Hyalusome Day Cream with SPF 50

Anti-ageing care with hyaluron and Q10

DERMASENCE Hyalusome Konzentrat, 30 ml

Hyalusome Konzentrat

Facial fluid

DERMASENCE Mousse Cleansing Foam

Mousse Cleansing Foam

Pore-deep cleansing foam

DERMASENCE Seborra Leichte Tagespflege mit LSF 30, 50 ml

Seborra Light day cream with SPF 30

UV protective moisture gel for blemished skin

DERMASENCE Seborra Leichte Gelcreme, 50 ml

Seborra Light gel cream

Clarifying facial care for combination to oily skin

DERMASENCE Seborra SOS Roll-on

Seborra Pimple relief roll-on

Pimple stop – pinpoint accuracy and fast acting

DERMASENCE Seborra Hautklärendes Serum, 30 ml

Seborra Skin clarifying serum

Skin-clarifying night-care serum

formerly Zincutan
DERMASENCE Seborra Zink Repairschaum, 50 ml

Seborra Zinc repair foam

Soothing acute care for blemishes

DERMASENCE Solvinea Med LSF 50+, 150 ml

Solvinea Med SPF 50+

Intensive sunscreen with a very high UV filter

DERMASENCE Tonic, 200 ml


Skin clarifying tonic

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