DERMASENCE Hyalusome Series

Preventive anti-ageing-moisturising care for skin over 25

The skin aging processes slowly pick up speed already in the mid-twenties. If you want to prevent premature skin aging or smooth out the first expression lines, we recommend our DERMASENCE Hyalusome series.

From morning to evening, optimally cared for: From cleansing to day care to night care, the skin is optimally cared for around the clock. The DERMASENCE Hyalusome series is an innovative anti-ageing moisturiser that protects against moisture loss and the first expression lines and dryness.

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Products of the Hyalusome series

The Hyalusome series and all other DERMASENCE products are available in pharmacies.
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Effects of the Hyalusome series

Provide intensive moisture

Hyaluron is a natural skin component that binds moisture in the skin and thus naturally plumps it up. However, its content reduces with the ageing process. The Hyalusome series replenishes the skin with hyaluron and thus has a smoothing effect.


Counteract oxidative stress

Oxidative stress accelerates skin ageing by damaging healthy skin cells. It is triggered by UV radiation and other aspects of lifestyle. The Hyalusome range relies on a cell protection complex with antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress



UV protection and wrinkle smoothing

UV protection is and remains one of the best measures to protect against premature skin ageing. That's why you'll find day care with SPF in the Hyalusome range. Also included: products that smooth expression lines with high-quality active ingredients such as Argireline.


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