Feet | Breathable foam cream with the power of nature

Mycolex Pflegeschaum nourishes with the power of nature

Fortifies the natural barrier function of the skin

Dry and stressed feet can breathe again: New breathable Mycolex Pflegeschaum from DERMASENCE moisturises and strengthens the skin barrier. Particularly with dry heels, skin tears on the balls of the foot and itching between the toes, the foam provides greater well-being.

Mycolex Pflegeschaum also increases the resistance and elasticity of feet that are sensitive to fungal infections and stressed feet. The innovative foam technology contains plant extracts which, together with panthenol, provide strong protection against inflammation. With the power of nature, it can also soothe irritated skin and reduce itching. So the feet can regenerate and are strengthened for daily stress.

Fragrance-free foam cream for dry and tired feet

  • For daily use on dry and tired feet
  • Intensive moisture complex with 10% urea, 10% glycerine and allantoin smooths the skin
  • Increases the resistance and elasticity of mycosis-sensitive and stressed feet.
  • A protective complex of ancient medicinal plants reduces itching and prevents inflammatory processes
  • Protects the skin from excessive keratinisation and cracking
  • Microfine foam texture does not cause heat and moisture build-up



Apply a walnut-sized amount of Mycolex Pflegeschaum to dry foot skin, especially in the toe gaps, morning and evening after cleansing (e.g. with DERMASENCE Wash and shower lotion).

For keratinisation, we recommend pretreatment with DERMASENCE Mycolex Cracked skin cream: With its high content of urea content, it has a particularly effective dekeratinising effect.

Targeting agents

dyer’s woad
anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, friendly to microflora.
Dyer's woad
Rhubarb extract
inflammation regulating, cell protecting
skin-care, calming, soothing
moisture-binding, skin-smoothing
skin-smoothing, moisturising
cell renewal, softens hard skin, wound healing

Increases the resistance of fungal-sensitive and stressed feet

Immediate effect

  • Care and well-being    
  • The skin becomes smoother and more elastic  
  • Is quickly absorbed
  • You can get dressed immediately


Long-term effect

  • Strengthens the natural barrier function of the skin  
  • Itching is reduced  
  • Protection against excessive cracking and over-keratinisation

Mycolex Pflegeschaum: Strengthening care formula for every day

Our feet play a major role. During our lives, we travel around the globe on average about four times on them. Nevertheless, we usually pay little attention to them. To keep our feet healthy and flexible, the skin in particular needs proper care.

The new Mycolex Pflegeschaum keeps the foot skin soft and supple. Due to the special foam technology, it penetrates into the tiniest skin cracks, thus preventing scaling and cracks. This way it supports the skin barrier and is particularly well suited for daily use for maintaining the health of the feet.