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Systematic anti-agening – regenerative and caring
Our tip: Start when recognizing first signs of skin ageing.

Systematic anti-ageing

The passage of time is revealed by looking in the mirror: we discover our first laughter linesas early as our mid-twenties, when the natural regeneration processes of the skin slow down. The skin becomes thinner and thus reduces its ability to store moisture- it slowly but steadily loses its elasticity and resilience. UV radiation, stress and nicotine as well as an unbalanced diet accelerate this process.

In addition to wrinkles flabby skin, a dull complexion and pigmentation disorders are unwanted signs of ageing. The system care of DERMASENCE can quickly lead to an improvement in the appearance of mature skin, because it is multi-dimensional:

  • Hydration of the skin
  • Improvement of the skin structure
  • Stimulation of collagen synthesis
  • Strengthening the acid protection mantle
  • Increase the resistance of the skin
  • Protection against free radicals
  • Reduction of melanin formation


One of the most sensitive areas of the body is around our eyes. The skin in the eye area is just 0.4 mm thin. This makes this area sensitive and especially susceptible to the signs of ageing. To protect this delicate area of the skin, targeted care is especially important.

Basic eye care

Eye Cream

The hydrating intensive care product for the sensitive, low-fat eye area increases the elasticity of the skin with valuable oils, moisturisers and vitamins. It effectively counteracts the formation of wrinkles and revitalises the eye area, especially at night.

Eye care from 45

Chrono retare Anti-Ageing Eye Care

This fragrance-free eye care product counteracts dark circles and swelling and preserves the beauty of your eye area. The complex, which contains caffeine and an anti-ageing peptide, has an anti-swelling effect and ensures tauter skin around the eyes. Regenerative active substances maintain the eyelids' elasticity long term. Hyaluronan provides intensive, lasting moisture, smoothing wrinkles caused by dryness. The special texture offers a velvety skin feeling and is an ideal base for eye make-up.

Facial care from 45

Chrono retare Anti-Ageing-Serum

DERMASENCE Chrono Retare Anti-Ageing Serum is a care concentrate for the regeneration of mature skin over 45 years old. With the anti-stress molecule ectoin and polyphenols from the olive leaf, it counteracts premature ageing processes and stimulates the skin's own protective function. High-dose hyaluronic acid provides intensive moisture – the skin becomes plumper and smoother. The rich texture with shea butter and panthenol ensures the protection of the natural skin barrier and the feeling of well-groomed skin. The pH value of 5.0 moves the skin into the healthy range - for a strengthened protective acid mantle, a balanced skin barrier and regeneration with a long-term effect.

Special formula for wrinkles

Hyalusome Konzentrat

The exclusive concentrate with anti-ageing peptide is a highly effective care fluid for facial expression, neck and décolleté wrinkles and acts like Botox from the outside. Liposomes and hyalurons cushion and increase the elasticity of the skin in combination with jojoba oil. The concentrate stimulates cell regeneration through vitamin A, while vitamin E and beta-glucan make the skin more environmentally friendly. Ideal supplementary treatment for aesthetic procedures.

Anti-ageing care with hyaluron and Q10

Hyalusome Day Cream with SPF 50

DERMASENCE Hyalusome Day Cream with SPF 50 is a light, fragrance-free anti-ageing face care product with a greater sun protection factor and hyaluronic acid. It prevents the development of light-related skin damage and pigment spots. The moisturising complex has an intensive hydrating effect, while panthenol and aloe vera soothe the skin. For more relaxed and fuller-looking skin every day.

AHA effects for mature skin!

Fruit acids are true all-rounders and have become an indispensable part of anti-ageing care. The most well known such as glycolic acid or citric, malic, lactic and tartaric acid are among the alpha hydroxy acids, which are also abbreviated as AHA

Depending on the concentration, fruit acids also have the following effects: Starting at the skin surface, AHAs release dead and horny skin cells. This smooths the skin, makes it softer and small wrinkles appear smoothed. A tired complexion appears rosier and brighter. At the same time, the low pH of AHAs stabilises the protective acid mantle and makes the skin more resistant.

The superficial peeling effect clears the way for a deep action with an anti-ageing effect:

DERMASENCE AHA fruit acid products increase the receptivity of the skin for other care ingredients. In higher concentrations and with long-term use, fruit acids stimulate cell metabolism and collagen production, increasing the water-binding capacity. The result: The AHA effect – a radiant, fresh and streamlined complexion!

All DERMASENCE AHA Effects products are also great for preparing the skin and getting used to the low pH levels of fruit acid peels.

Fruit acid cream for mature skin

AHA Effects

Mild fruit acid cream for mature and dry skin. The active ingredients stimulate the body's own repair function and give the skin a radiant and fresher appearance. Under long-term treatment, they activate the body's own collagen formation. Can also be used on sensitive skin due to soothing green tea extracts.

Revitalising fruit acid cream

AHA Effects plus C

Intensive anti-ageing care with a combination of fruit acids and vitamin C to refine the complexion. Long-term use stimulates the development of deep layers of the skin, the skin is regenerated and has a rosier effect. The green tea extract improves the compatibility of the fruit acids and at the same time effectively protects against free radicals. Ideal for the preparation of chemical peels.

Body lotion with fruit acid and urea

AHA Body & Face Lotion

This lotion combines the positive properties of fruit acids with the nourishing effect of the moisturising ingredient urea. It can be used on acne-prone skin for both facial and body care. For more mature skin, it is ideal as a light lotion for wrinkles caused by age and intense sunlight.

Pigmentation disorders

Like first wrinkles or impurities, pigment disorders are among the most unpopular changes in the appearance of the skin. Liver spots, moles, freckles, inflammation, hormonal or UV radiation – the range of pigment shifts is wide. And: they are not necessarily a matter of age, but can often give an older look.

The body's own, brownish pigment, which is called melani and is formed in the skin, determines on the one hand the skin tone. But on the other hand, it serves as protection against the damaging effects of UV radiation and ensures a protective – in the ideal case uniform – tan. As the pigment-forming skin cells produce more or less melanin in some places, the appearance of the skin appears irregular and no longer radiant.

Special formula for pigmentation


The intensive formula brightens pigment spots via a tyrosinase inhibitor and reduces melanin regeneration. With a fruit acid complex, vitamins C and Q-10, the brightening fluid protects the skin from oxidative cell damage and ensures an even complexion. In case of prolonged UV exposure, it is essential to combine it with a high sun protection factor.

Intensive sunscreen with a very high UV filter

Solvinea Med SPF 50+

DERMASENCE Solvinea Med SPF 50+ is a sunscreen gel cream with a particularly light texture, which offers intensive protection to the lower skin layers with its very high UV-A and UV-B filters. In particular, it protects areas exposed to the sun - such as the face, neck and décolleté - and at the same time counteracts UV-induced skin ageing. Due to its light, gel-like formulation, it is suitable for oily skin and skin prone to blemishes as well as for skin prone to rosacea and acne aestivalis.

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