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Wrinkle formation - This happens within the skin

The course of time becomes apparent when we look in the mirror: we discover the first smile lines as early as our mid-twenties, if  the the skin's slow down naturally in the regenerative processes and theskin becomes increasingly thinner:

  • The number of skin cells (corneocytes and keratinocytes) decreases
  • Naturally curved germ layer becomes flatter
  • The number of stabilising collagen fibres decreases
  • The cell metabolism slows down
  • The moisture content of the skin is reduced

Slowly but steadily, the skin loses elasticity and resilience. The consequences are: Wrinkles on the face (especially expression lines). Furthermore are dryness, a pale complexion and Pigmentation disorders unwanted signs of skin ageing.

DERMASENCE's system care offers you two anti-ageing care series depending on your age:

  1. DERMASENCE Hyalusome – Preventive anti-ageing care for skin aged 25 and over
  2. DERMASENCE Chrono retare – Rich anti-ageing care for skin aged 45 and over

Substances & treatments against premature ageing of the skin

UV protection
UV protection

UV radiation has a damaging effect on skin cells. This applies to both UV-A and UV-B radiation. Sun protection in the form of skin care with a sun protection factor, a mindful approach to the sun and protective clothing is the best anti-ageing remedy.



Hyaluron stores moisture and is a natural component of the skin. However, its content decreases with age. Skin care with hyaluron or other hydrating active ingredients replenishes the skin's moisture stores. This plumps up the skin from the inside out.


Fruit acids
Fruit acids

Fruit acids, also known as AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids), combine a variety of targeted effects: They stimulate cell metabolism, stabilise the acid mantle and increase the water-binding capacity. Glycolic acid is one of the best known.


Anti-radical skin care
Anti-radical skin care

UV rays but also lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet lead to oxidative stress: an excess of free radicals that damage numerous cell structures and fuel the skin ageing process. Radical scavengers such as vitamin E counteract this process.


Hyalusome - Selectively against the first wrinkles

Preventive anti-ageing moisturiser for skin aged 25 and over

Preventive care is one of the best ways to avoid premature ageing of the skin. DERMASENCE's Hyalusome series helps you counteract the first signs of time - such as fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

The focus is on the moisturising active ingredient hyaluron, which is combined with valuable lipids (fats) and anti-oxidative active ingredients depending on the area of application.

The aims are:

  • Hydration of the skin
  • Stimulation of collagen synthesis
  • Stabilisation of the skin barrier
  • Protection of the skin cells from free radicals

Hyalusome product recommendations: Skincare

The Chrono retare - Preserve your beauty

Energising anti-ageing care for skin aged 45 and over.

As we age, the productivity of the sebaceous and sweat glands decreases. This also reduces the protective function of the naturally hydrolipidic film. The skin then tends to become increasingly dry. In addition, the wrinkles on the neck, face and décolleté, which are now often clearly visible.

The right skin care can achieve good results here. The Chrono retare series by DERMASENCE takes a multi-dimensional approach to provide the skin with what it needs at the time: The focus here is on rich formulations that score points with nourishing lipids (fats) as well as anti-oxidative and moisturising ingredients. With special active complexes, the products also improve elasticity and smooth wrinkles.

The effective components of the Chrono retare series are:

  • Strengthening the acid mantle
  • Protection against free radicals (oxidative stress)
  • Improvement of the skin structure
  • Stimulation of elastin and collagen production
  • Hydration of the skin

Menopause - The changing skin

When they hear the word ""menopause"", many people first think of hot flushes and mood swings.At the same time, many more bodily processes change - also in the skin.

The reason for this is changes in hormone levels, a circumstance that women experience more than once in their lives: In addition to the hormone changes during adolescence, which also take place in boys, hormone levels also change with each monthly cycle, during pregnancies - and precisely during the menopause. This stage of life, also called the menopause, is characterised by a sharp decline in oestrogens.

The effects of the rapid decline in oestrogen on the skin:

  • Decrease in the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid content of the skin and thus a reduction in skin hydration.
  • Slowing down metabolism and cell regeneration
  • Reduced formation of collagen and elastin leads to a loss of tone and elasticity
  • Weakened protection against oxidative stress and thus against external factors of skin ageing (e.g. UV radiation).

    The result of these disturbed or slowed processes are a fragile skin barrier, the dryness, tense sensations and itching promotes, as well as wrinkles and a ssagging, thin skin.

    Whether and how severe the skin changes are during the menopause differs from woman to woman. The right skin care can, however, counteract the undesirable developments and thus ensure that you feel (more) comfortable in your skin during the menopause.

    Our tip: Put together your personal day and night routine from the DERMASENCE Chrono retare series and benefit from a holistic care concept.


    Chrono retare: Product recommendations Care

    Age spots and other hyperpigmentation

    When brownish or yellowish spots appear on the skin, they are often hyperpigmentation. Hepatoma, birthmarks, freckles - the spectrum of pigmentary shifts is broad. The typical age spots are caused by an excessive UV radiation caused.

    This is how age spots develop: The endogenous, brownish Pigment melanin which is formed in the skin, determines the skin tone on the one hand. On the other hand, it serves as protection against the damaging effects of UV radiation and ensures the - ideally even - protective tan. If the pigment-forming skin cells produce more or less melanin in some areas, the skin's appearance becomes irregular, age spots appear.

    To prevent the formation of age spots and other pigment spots when it comes to sun protection, a reliable sun care product with a high sun protection factor is essential. For existing hyperpigmentation, we recommend DERMASENCE Melablok. This lightweight fluid has brightening properties and inhibits melanin formation.

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