DERMASENCE BarrioPro series

The barrier-building skin care series for stressed skin in need of regeneration.

The DERMASENCE BarrioPro care series supports barrier-damaged, irritated and dry skin in its regeneration. The products are suitable whenever skin regeneration is to be promoted, for example also during aesthetic procedures. Discomfort and redness are thus sustainably reduced.

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Products of the BarrioPro series

The BarrioPro series as well as all other DERMASENCE products are available in pharmacies.
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Effects of the BarrioPro series

Reduce skin irritations

Whether after dermatological-aesthetic treatments, sunburn, therapy accompanying oncological treatments or razor burn - stressed skin is a problem for those affected. The BarrioPro series has an anti-irritant and inflammation-regulating effect.


Regenerate the skin barrier

Barrier-damaged skin lacks moisture and is an optimal entry point for irritants. The skin becomes more sensitive and prone to redness, dryness and inflammation. The BarrioPro series supports the skin's rebuilding from the depths and thus ensures a healthy skin barrier.


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