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DERMASENCE Produkte mit pflegenden Wirkstoffen

Familiar formular - new names

Find your perfect skin care even faster now!

If you are wondering which skin care products suit you best? DERMASENCE has the answer: We are reorganizing our product range and regrouping products based on their effects and appropriateness for different skin types. Tried and tested products have been given new names to provide you further orientation in addition to the familiar color code.

The red button indicates which products have been newly integrated into a product series. In the following, you can see which product series have been extended.

Note: For sustainability reasons, the realignment will take place in several steps. It is therefore possible that you will temporarily still find products with the old name in your point of sale.

The growing DERMASENCE Care Series at a glance

Adtop   Chrono retare   Hyalusome   Mycolex   Seborra   Vitop forte


Basic care for normal to dry skin

New products in the Adtop series

  • DERMASENCE Adtop Extra Rich Facial Care (formerly Cream Extra)
  • DERMASENCE Adtop Lipidlotion (formerly SkinPro Lipo)
  • DERMASENCE Adtop Medicinal Shampoo (formerly Medizinal Shampoo)
  • Coming soon: DERMASENCE Adtop Bath and Shower Lotion

DERMASENCE Chrono retare

Regenerative anti-ageing care for mature skin over 45 yrs of age

New products in the Chrono retare series

  • Coming soon: DERMASENCE Chrono retare Activating cream
  • Coming soon: DERMASENCE Chrono retare Cleansing Milk


Preventive anti-ageing care for skin over 25 yrs of age

New products in the Hyalusome series

  • DERMASENCE Hyalusome Moisturising cream (formerly Cream Rich)
  • DERMASENCE Hyalusome Night Care (formerly Cream + Mask)
  • DERMASENCE Hyalusome Eye Care (formerly Eye Cream)
  • DERMASENCE Hyalusome Cleansing Gel (new)
  • Coming soon: DERMASENCE Hyalusome Intensive activating cream
  • Coming soon: DERMASENCE Hyalusome Cream Peeling


Barrier-strengthening foot care

New product in the Mycolex series

  • Coming soon: DERMASENCE Mycolex Cracked skin cream


Special care for acne and blemish-prone skin

New products in the Seborra series

  • DERMASENCE Seborra Soothing Gel Cream (formerly PhytoClare)
  • DERMASENCE Seborra Zinc repair foam (formerly Zincutan)
  • DERMASENCE Seborra Light day cream with SPF 30 (formerly Cream Soft SPF 30)
  • DERMASENCE Seborra Light gel cream (formerly Cream Soft SPF 30)
  • Coming soon: DERMASENCE Seborra Skin clarifying body lotion
  • Coming soon: DERMASENCE Seborra Shampoo


DERMASENCE Vitop forte

Intensive care for very dry skin and skin prone to neurodermatitis

New product in the Vitop forte series

  • DERMASENCE Vitop forte Mild hair care shampoo (formerly Milk Serum Shampoo)

An overview of the proven DERMASENCE Care Series.

BarrioPro   Polaneth   RosaMin   Solvinea


Barrier-strengthening care for irritated skin


Acute care for itching


Special care for skin prone to redness and rosacea


Highly effective sun protection for the whole family

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