THE DERMASENCE Vitop forte series

The protective shield for stressed skin - through the rediscovered natural power of the woad plant.


The DERMASENCE Vitop forte series was specially developed for dry skin prone to neurodermatitis. Thanks to the highly effective Vitop complex of woad, aloe vera and green tea, the care products can effectively prevent the development of itching and inflammation symptoms when used regularly. The care series can also be used as an adjunctive therapy for atopic dermatitis.

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Products of the Vitop forte series

The Vitop forte series as well as all other DERMASENCE products are available in pharmacies.
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Effects of the Vitop forte series

Reduce and prevent inflammation

Eurodermatitis flare-ups come and go. With the Vitop forte series, you are prepared for both conditions: It includes products for acute phases as well as basic care, which - used regularly - can prolong relapse-free phases.


Reduce lipid deficiency and skin roughness

Very dry, scaly skin is typical of neurodermatitis. In der Vitop of forte-you find here <span class="cf0" special formulations that counteract lipid deficiency and smooth dry skin with vegetable oils, skin-identical ceramides and cholesterol.


Counteract moisture loss

Atopic skin is characterised by a damaged skin barrier. Thus, it loses valuable moisture that is needed for healthy, supple skin. Vitop forte products rely on hydrating active ingredients that retain moisture in the skin.


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