PhytoClare and Seborra Serum

PhytoClare and Seborra Serum

Blemished skin & acne

The care products of DERMASENCE for pore-deep clean skin

The new duo with the power of nature

DERMASENCE PhytoClare and DERMASENCE Seborra Serum for pore-deep clean skin

Oily and blemished skin? Clogged pores or pimple marks? A very special care routine is required for those affected. There are now two new acne products in the DERMASENCE programme, which draw their high potency from the ancient medicinal plant dyer's woad and other extracts: The DERMASENCE PhytoClare and DERMASENCE Seborra Serum.

The sebum-forming gel cream and the intensive skin-clarifying night care serum provide the ideal synergy effect of calming and an anti-inflammatory effectiveness for a healthy and clear skin appearance. Superfood from nature for pure skin!


Sebum reducing gel cream with dyer's woad and Zinc PCA

  • Skin appearance renewing and pore refining
  • Instantly soothes and mattifies the skin
  • Plant extracts provide anti-inflammatory protection
  • Niacinamide counteracts the development of pimple marks

DERMASENCE Seborra Serum

Intensive skin clarifying serum with dyer's woad and fruit acid complex

  • Cooling, skin clarifying serum for seborrhoeic, impure and acne-prone skin
  • Acts against the four main symptoms of acne (excessive sebum/closure of the sebaceous gland follicle/microbial colonisation/inflammatory processes)
  • Prevention of pimple marks
  • The fruit acid complex has a keratolytic effect, reduces inflammation and inhibits the biofilm formation of Cutibacterium acnes with salicylic acid
Gel cream for blemished skin
Product picture DERMASENCE PhytoClare


DERMASENCE PhytoClare sebum-reducing cream gel with dyer's woad and zinc PCA has a skin-renewing and pore-refining effect on acne-prone skin. Plant extracts provide protection against inflammation and soothe the skin. The result is a matt complexion. Niacinamides prevent the development of the appearance of pimples.

Skin-clarifying night-care serum
Product picture DERMASENCE Seborra Serum

Seborra Serum

The intensely skin-clarifying DERMASENCE Seborra Serum with dyer’s woad and fruit acid complex cools oily, blemished and acne-prone skin. The mild fruit acid complex reduces inflammation and clears clogged pores. The dyer's woad and other plant extracts have an anti-inflammatory effect, reduce redness and refine the appearance of the skin. In addition, the excessive production of sebum is regulated and the formation of pimple marks is prevented.

Benefits of natural plant extracts

  • Purified, natural extracts are particularly low in their levels of irritation and have a low allergological risk
  • No pesticides

The standardised technology of our extraction process allows highly compatible and highly potent plant extracts.

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