Ökologisches Engagement | Our path to a smaller CO₂ footprint

This is how we shape the path towards sustainability

Our Earth is unique. It offers us everything we need for a happy and healthy life - as long as we give it the respect and care it deserves. Responsible stewardship of its limited resources is one of the most fundamental ways we can protect our planet.

We at DERMASENCE are aware of our responsibility towards the earth and want to contribute specifically to the preservation of this unique home. We already took the first steps towards sustainability and smaller CO₂ emissions many years ago. In the meantime, we have already passed several major and important milestones - always with the aim of reducing our footprint on this world. We are proud of what we have achieved, but we also know that there is more to come. When it comes to sustainability, there is no one big goal to achieve: there are many milestones that require a wide variety of adjustments and constantly reshape the path. As an innovation-enthusiastic company with courage and motivation, we believe we are well equipped for this journey.

Here you can find out which milestones we have already reached on our way.


Focus on sustainability with ÖKOPROFIT®.

Certification as an ÖKOPROFIT® company

As early as 2011, DERMASENCE had itself certified as an ÖKOPROFIT.®-Certify operation. ÖKOPROFIT® stands for Ecological Project for integrated Environmenttechnology. The aim of the project is to support the development and implementation of sustainable action strategies and, at the same time, to create cooperation between the business community and the municipalities, from which the environment in particular benefits.

With the ÖKOPROFIT®-project as a reliable guide, DERMASENCE developed a sustainability strategy and implemented a wide range of measures.

DERMASENCE took the successful cooperation as an opportunity to obtain recertification in 2015/2016 and 2019 by ÖKOPROFIT® While the number of corporate measures for environmental and climate protection is growing continuously, we are also saving significant resources every year.

    Extract from the catalogue of measures for the company headquarters in Münster

    • Installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building
    • Energy-efficient modernisation in the form of insulation measures and summer thermal protection
    • Conversion to a lower-emission vehicle fleet
    • Installation of three e-charging stations, which employees can also use for their private cars.
    • Switch to green electricity from hydropower, wind and photovoltaic plants

    Annual savings

    according to OEKOPROFIT®-Recertification in 2019


    20,3t CO₂
    20,3t CO₂
    64,700 kWh energy
    64,700 kWh energy
    142.7m³ water
    142.7m³ water

    Our company in the sustainability check

    The CheckN sustainability compass

    In 2019, DERMASENCE went one step further: to further improve our company's sustainability performance, we concretised our strategic goals in the form of a sustainability check - the so-called CheckN.

    The basis of the check are the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals): The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations from 2015. The goals cover ecological, social and economic areas of life. In addition to climate protection measures, they include, for example, quality education and sustainable consumption and production.

    With the help of CheckN, the goals that were particularly relevant for DERMASENCE were identified and broken down to the operational level. This made it possible to check in which areas the company was already well or very well positioned. At the same time, the check created the opportunity to derive additional concrete measures along the SDGs.


    Compensation of CO₂ emissions

    The harmful effect of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO₂), is scientifically well established. Seine Eindämmung gehört zu den wichtigsten Schritten im Kampf gegen den Klimawandel. Therefore, DERMASENCE has made it its goal to significantly minimise its own CO₂ footprint.

    From CO₂ balance to compensation

    To implement this goal, we have been working with B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH to draw up an annual CO₂ balance sheet since 2020. For 2020, we arrived at the following result: At the company headquarters in Münster, CO₂ emissions amounted to around 160 tonnes.

    In the spirit of "avoid - reduce - compensate", thanks to this cooperation we know in which additional areas we can start to reduce our own CO₂ emissions. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, not all emissions can be avoided. We have therefore opted for a compromise and have been offsetting unavoidable emissions annually since 2020.

    The tree as a climate saver

    The offsetting of the emissions is made possible by the non-profit association PRIMAKLIMA e.V. by participating in selected climate protection projects. The association relies on the Plant new mixed forests with native tree species. Because: Trees are true CO₂ reservoirs that also effectively bind the greenhouse gas in the long term.

    PRIMAKLIMA e.V. implements its projects both in Germany and, among other places, in Indonesia and Uganda um. They have all been certified according to independent quality standards (for example, Verified Carbon Standard/Gold Standard).

    Membership in "Münster's Alliance for Climate Protection"

    Firmly rooted in the Münsterland region, we are committed to contributing to progress on the issue of sustainability in our region: this, and networking with similarly minded companies and institutions, is what membership in Münster's Alliance for Climate Protection enables us to do.

    As part of the network, we are committed to identifying energy-saving and CO₂-reducing potential, planning suitable measures and implementing them. In addition, the voluntary commitment also includes supporting the city of Münster in its climate protection goals.