Fruit acid - a powerful active ingredient for impurities and acne-prone skin

Pimples and other impurities are frequent companions of oily skin. With the Seborra products from DERMASENCE you can clear up these skin issues quickly and effectively!

The mild fruit acids effectively counteract the formation of blackheads (comedones) and refine your skin texture. Redness and swelling are reduced and sebum build-up is diminished. In addition, anti-inflammatory active ingredients soothe the skin. For an even and clear complexion!

DERMASENCE Seborra SOS Roll-on

Seborra Pimple relief roll-on

Pimple stop – pinpoint accuracy and fast acting

DERMASENCE Seborra Hautklärendes Serum, 30 ml

Seborra Skin clarifying serum

Skin-clarifying night-care serum

formerly PhytoClare
DERMASENCE Seborra Beruhigende Gelcreme, 50 ml

Seborra Soothing gel cream

Sebum reducing facial care with niacinamide

formerly Zincutan
DERMASENCE Seborra Zink Repairschaum, 50 ml

Seborra Zinc repair foam

Soothing acute care for blemishes

DERMASENCE Seborra Leichte Tagespflege mit LSF 30, 50 ml

Seborra Light day cream with SPF 30

UV protective moisture gel for blemished skin

DERMASENCE Seborra Leichte Gelcreme, 50 ml

Seborra Light gel cream

Clarifying facial care for combination to oily skin

Button: formerly "AHA Body & Face Lotion"
DERMASENCE Seborra Hautklärende Körperlotion, 200 ml

Seborra Skin clarifying body lotion

Vitalizing body lotion with fruit acid

Formerly "Haircare Shampoo"
DERMASENCE Seborra Shampoo, 200 ml

Seborra Shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoo for flaky and oily scalp