DERMASENCE Vitop forte

Peace for your skin through the rediscovered natural power of the woad plant!

Particularly stressed skin needs effective care - this is especially true for neurodermatitis. With the DERMASENCE Vitop forte products, your skin comes to rest.

The skin-compatible active complex of woad, aloe vera, and green tea was specifically developed for dry, inflamed skin. Designed for long-term care, Vitop forte products can effectively prevent inflammation symptoms when used regularly. Our Vitop forte Junior offers even our smallest an effective protective film for their sensitive skin.

DERMASENCE Vitop forte Care Cream

Vitop forte Care cream

Intensive formula for neurodermatitis

DERMASENCE Vitop forte Junior, 75 ml

Vitop forte Junior Care emulsion

Intensive formula for sensitive baby skin

DERMASENCE Vitop forte Rescue Care Cream

Vitop forte Rescue Care cream

Intensive calming with a depth effect

DERMASENCE Vitop forte Eye Care

Vitop forte Eye care

With dyer's woad and hyaluron

DERMASENCE Vitop forte Cleansing Foam

Vitop forte Cleansing foam

Face cleansing for sensitive skin

formerly Milk Serum Shampoo
DERMASENCE Vitop forte Mildes Pflegeshampoo, 200 ml

Vitop forte Mild care shampoo

Gentle shampoo for a sensitive scalp