A true relief for your itchy skin

Whether it's on your head or body: Itching can mean stress for your skin and soul. Let your skin rest easy - with the Polaneth products from DERMASENCE.

The anti-itch formula with menthol immediately soothes tingling, itching, and other sensations. Herbal active ingredients stimulate the skin's regeneration process to prevent itching. This allows your skin to relax again.

DERMASENCE Polaneth Liquid, 75 ml

Polaneth Liquid

Cooling scalp tonic

DERMASENCE Polaneth Lotion, 200 ml

Polaneth Lotion

Bij jeuk en een verouderende huid

DERMASENCE Polaneth Shampoo, 200 ml

Polaneth Shampoo

Soothing for scalp irritation

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