Our breathing skin protection!

Dry skin is prone to feeling coarse, tight, and itchy. DERMASENCE Adtop products provide protective and moisturizing care.

Dry skin is usually caused by a damaged skin barrier. Your skin, thus, not only loses valuable moisture but also protection against external influences. The care products of the Adtop series counteract this development and allow the skin to breathe. For supple, healthy skin.


DERMASENCE Adtop Pflegecreme, 50 ml

Adtop Care Cream

Rich care for dry skin

DERMASENCE Adtop plus, 100 ml

Adtop plus

Especially for very dry skin

DERMASENCE Adtop plus 40, 100 ml

Adtop plus 40

Intensive formula for extremely dry skin

formerly Cream Extra
DERMASENCE Adtop Extra reichhaltige Gesichtspflege, 50 ml

Adtop Extra Rich Facial Care

Revitalizing facial moisturiser for dry skin

formerly Medicinal Shampoo
DERMASENCE Adtop Medizinal Shampoo, 200 ml

Adtop Medicinal Shampoo

Purifying shampoo for dry and flaky scalp

voerheen SkinPro Lipo
DERMASENCE Skinpro Lipo, 200 ml

Adtop Lipidlotie

Intensief hydraterende verzorgingslotion voor de zeer droge huid

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