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Time for a new look

New Design 2022

Highly effective products with excellent tolerability – anyone with special skin needs can continue to rely on this promise. We continue to develop DERMASENCE around its brand essence: Besides the new product classification of our Care Series, we are pleased to now present DERMASENCE in a fresh, more modern design.

The New Design decks not only our website but also our product packaging. The newly designed format makes it easier for consumers to find their way around. A livelier, greener, and fresher visual language!

Especially striking is the difference from the first-ever product design of our classic Adtop cream - then still under the name of Dermatest. The latest design adaptation, however, is comparatively subtle. And yet the new design reflects a central quality of the brand: DERMASENCE moves with the times and remains true to itself.

The New Design in Video

Green Science

Science for the Skin - with Plant Power

We combine the ancient wisdom of natural healing with the latest findings of science and actively design medical skin care for all skin types and needs.

On our Green Science page, we explain why we attribute such great importance to plant-based efficacy and how it enriches our skin care.