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Reddening of the skin on the face

When the skin sees red

Those who suffer from skin prone to redness often struggle with visible veins, red spots or a glowing face. There are many reasons for redness. Basically, three causes or skin conditions can be distinguished:

While some people always have an even, natural skin tone, others’ skin quickly looks red.

Symptoms: Diffuse redness, feeling of warmth, discomfort (e.g. itching).

Origin: Sensitive skin reacts particularly sensitive to stimuli due to a disturbed protective barrier and hypersensitive nerve fibres.

Causes and influencing factors: Internal and external, e.g. food or physical exertion. The importance of the psyche plays a special role.

Even though couperosis is not a skin condition by definition, sufferers often suffer considerably from the redness of the skin.

Symptoms: Dilated veins under the skin (telangiectasias) that appear mainly on the cheeks and are permanently visible.

Origin: Regularly occurring blood congestion dilates the blood vessels. Due to a weakness of the connective tissue, the ability of the tissue to contract again is reduced. Over time, permanent vasodilatation occurs that cannot be reversed. In addition, new veins can form, which further increase the visual redness.

Causes and influencing factors: Internal, mainly hereditary factors, but also skin care influence couperosis.

Skin redness can also be caused by the skin disease rosacea (or rosacea). A dermatologist will make the correct diagnosis.

Symptoms: Redness, dilated veins, papules, pustules and/or discomfort (e.g. itching). In the late stages, thickening and enlargement of the sebaceous glands on the face - usually centrally on the nose, forehead and cheeks - are also common.

Origin: The chronic inflammation in the connective tissue worsens in episodes. Depending on the subtype and stage, the symptoms are initially temporary and then permanent.

Causes and influencing factors: A combination of genetic factors and external triggers (e.g. UV radiation or the demodex mite) is suspected.

When red cheeks become a burden, sufferers don’t have to put up with it. You can achieve positive results with consistent medical skin care. The approaches to the care concept are: Reduce the redness, reduce the vasodilatation and soothe the skin.

Anna Tersteeg, DERMASENCE cosmetic scientist

When it comes to caring for sensitive skin, less is always more! Ideally, skin care products should be coordinated and routinely applied. Constantly changing skin care products can cause additional irritation and is stressful for the skin.

Anna Tersteeg, DERMASENCE cosmetic scientist

Anti-redness complex – 5-fold active ingredient power from nature

With our RosaMin series we rely on the power of nature. A combination of five active substances effectively inhibits redness, reduces the potential for inflammation in the tissue and strengthens the skin's blood vessels. These plants give the RosaMin care series its effective power:


Horese chestnut
The escin extract positively influences cell function, strengthens capillary walls, has a skin-calming and anti-irritant effect.
The salt of the glycyrrhizic acid it contains has an irritation-reducing effect.
Indian pennywort
Its extract promotes the regeneration of connective tissue, strengthens the elastic fibres of the skin and increases collagen synthesis.
Indian pennywort
Calendula flower extract has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect.
Butcher's broom
Its root extract has a stabilising (vasoactive) effect on the vessels.
Butcher's broom

Cleansing product recommendations

Cleansing for sensitive skin
DERMASENCE RosaMin Cleansing Emulsion

RosaMin Cleansing emulsion

Gentle, soap-free cleansing emulsion with a 5-fold active complex for sensitive, rosacea-prone, reactive skin. It allows a particularly gentle cleansing without skin-rubbing. During cleansing, the delicate vessels are strengthened by the plant's 5-fold active complex. Panthenol and allantoin soothe the skin. The light, refreshing emulsion leaves the skin feeling pleasant.

Refreshing facial toner
DERMASENCE Tonic, 200 ml


The moisturising tonic refreshes and soothes the skin after cleansing. It regulates the pH value and is particularly well tolerated with a low alcohol content. Also suitable as a mild aftershave.

Product care recommendations

DERMASENCE RosaMin Tinted Day Cream SPF 50

Concealing care cream with high UV protection for skin prone to redness

DERMASENCE RosaMin Tinted Day Cream SPF is a light gel cream specially developed for the care needs of skin prone to redness, rosacea and couperose.

The special feature: The care convinces threefold.

  1. The broadband filter protects against UV-A and UV-B radiation.
  2. Green encapsulated pigments conceal redness: They break with friction and adapt to the individual skin tone.
  3. The plant-based 5-fold active complex strengthens the sensitive blood vessels and prevents inflammatory processes.
Caring and concealing, with high UV protection
DERMASENCE RosaMin Tinted Day Cream SPF 50

RosaMin Tinted day cream with SPF 50

Concealing Day Care Formula with herbal 5-fold active complex strengthens the vessels and prevents inflammation. Micro-encapsulated pigments hide redness and then lay on the skin as a tint. The corrective day care adapts individually to the skin tone. It is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive, reddening and reactive skin. The high UV protection protects against sun-related damage and prevents the development of new irritations.

Light emulsion with high SPF
DERMASENCE RosaMin Day Cream SPF 50

RosaMin Day cream with SPF 50

RosaMin Day Cream SPF 50 was developed especially for sensitive skin that is prone to reddening. The light, unscented emulsion reduces problems such as burning. Natural plant extracts calm the skin and can reduce inflammatory processes. The day cream is rated SPF 50 to protect the skin every day against harmful UV rays.

Emulsion for skin is prone to redness
DERMASENCE RosaMin Emulsion, 50 ml

RosaMin Emulsion

This light, fragrance-free emulsion is ideal for sensitive skin that is prone to rosacea. It strengthens the sensitive vessels of the skin with a five-fold active herbal complex and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Almond oil makes the skin feel soft.

Intensely soothing serum
DERMASENCE RosaMin Serum, 30 ml

RosaMin Intensively soothing serum

Innovative DERMASENCE RosaMin Serum has been specially developed for reactive skin susceptible to rosacea and reddening. It offers a synergy of an anti-inflammatory and its moisture boost effect. This is ideal for mature sensitive skin. With its anti-reddening complex of dyer’s woad, vasoactive plant extracts and panthenol, the serum can strengthen the blood vessels and prevent inflammation over the long term.

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