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FAQ - General

Couperose skin and rosacea

The light  DERMASENCE RosaMin Cleansing Emulsion  is a particularly gentle cleanser for reddened, sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. It cleanses without rubbing the skin, strengthens the unstable vessels of the skin and prevents inflammation. The soap-free, pH-neutral formulation removes make-up, even in the sensitive eye area and leaves a pleasantly supple feel. The 5-fold effective complex with its effects begins with the cleaning itself.

The DERMASENCE RosaMin line of care products is specially formulated for sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. The line consists of RosaMin Cleansing Emulsion, RosaMin SerumRosaMin Emulsion and der RosaMin Tinted Day Care Formula SPF 50. All four products contain the plant's 5-fold active complex, which strengthens the vessels, calms the skin and prevents inflammation. In a study by Borelli et al. it has been demonstrated that this active complex inhibits cathelicidin expression (Borelli, C., et al. (2017) J Cosmet Dermatol (16)4: e31 - e 31).

Red patches can be optically concealed with DERMASENCE RosaMin Tinted Day Care Formula SPF 50. Green encapsulated pigments break open when rubbing the cream and neutralise redness and irritation according to the complementary colour principle. The tinted care now adapts to the skin tone individually with brown pigments and ensures an even complexion.

Skin with rosacea is very sensitive to UV rays and the skin often reacts with attacks of redness. The sun can worsen the skin disease and promote inflammation. Therefore, daily UV protection is important. As a daily care,  DERMASENCE RosaMin Tinted Day Care Formula SPF 50or DERMASENCE Cream Soft SPF 30 are ideal.

DERMASENCE RosaMin Serum contains an anti-redness complex (dyer's woad, plant extracts and panthenol) and a moisture boost complex (hyaluronic acid, linolenic acid and a sugar complex). The serum strengthens the blood vessels in the long term, replenishes moisture deposits and reduces inflammation and redness. When applied, the serum soothes the sensitive skin and a more even complexion can be seen. The use of a serum intensifies the effect and effectiveness of the care routine. TheDERMASENCE RosaMin Serumis applied after cleansing with theDERMASENCE RosaMin Cleansing Emulsion. Then DERMASENCE RosaMin Tinted Day Care Formula SPF 50 or DERMASENCE RosaMin Emulsion can be used.

Oily, blemished skin / acne

The combination of DERMASENCE Mousse and DERMASENCE Tonic is suitable for cleansing blemished skin/acne. The activating cleansing foam refines the complexion with glycolic and salicylic acid, removes excess sebum and has a slightly keratolytic effect. DERMASENCE Tonic completes the cleansing. It clears and soothes the skin.

The frequency of use always depends on the current skin type. Once or twice a week, an exfoliation can be performed to activate the skin and rid it of dead skin cells.

DERMASENCE PhytoClare is the ideal daily care product for shiny and skin that becomes oily quickly. With the active ingredients zinc PCA, salicylic acid and vitamins B3 and B6, the gel cream has a sebum-regulating, skin-renewing effect and has a matting effect.

Fruit acid-based creams, such as DERMASENCE AHA Body & Face Lotion, ensure a uniform and smooth skin. They can help make scars finer and create a more uniform skin surface. The skin-clarifying serum is particularly suitable for the face.DERMASENCE Seborra,

The care of the late acne is often a challenge, because depending on your age, there are impurities and inflammatory skin blooms as well as the first signs of the skin ageing process, such as wrinkles and dryness. DERMASENCE AHA Effects plus C is suitable for the regeneration of the skin. The fruit acid cream combines anti-ageing with the skin-image-refining effect of fruit acid and has a positive effect on late acne.

The gel cream DERMASENCE PhytoClare and the DERMASENCE Seborra Serum can prevent pimples.

The  DERMASENCE AHA Body & Face Lotion is a fruit acid lotion for blemished and dehydrated skin and is suitable for the face and body. The pH-value of the lotion is 3.8 and it has a low lipid content.

DERMASENCE Seborra is a skin clarifying serum which can be used as an intensive formula for blemished, seborrhoeic and acne prone skin. The pH is 4.4 and the serum has no lipid content.

DERMASENCE PhytoClare gel cream with its sebum-regulating and skin-renewing properties is suitable as an accompaniment for acne therapy and for daily application.

Fruit acids

Yes, all AHA products are suitable for daily use as night care. After an adaptation phase, they can be integrated into the skin care routine as an integral part of it.

Fruit acids support the regeneration and new formation of the skin. Therefore, they are the ideal night care.

Yes, but if you use AHA products in the summer, you should ensure adequate UV protection during the day and a high level of sun protection for longer sun exposure to prevent premature ageing and pigmentation. For this, DERMASENCE Solvinea Med SPF 50+ is suitable


Fruit acids are considered a true experience care product. Slight pimples and an activation of the skin are therefore desirable due to the nature of the product, they indicate the effect. The skin gradually gets used to the fruit acids and low pH levels of AHA products.

DERMASENCE AHA Body & Face Lotion is a fruit acid lotion for blemished and dehydrated skin and is suitable for the face and body. DERMASENCE AHA Effects  is a mild fruit acid cream for sensitive, dry and mature skin with natural fruit acids. AHA Effects plus C  is an activating fruit acid cream for mature, tired-looking skin.

AHA products have a regenerating and keratolytic effect. Therefore, at the beginning of the application a so-called oiling of the skin can occur. Deep-seated impurities pass through the fruit acids to the skin surface. Now it's time to keep going to reduce the impurities.

The preparation phase should take 2-4 weeks, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. During this time, the skin gets used to the fruit acids and low pH levels.

If required, AHA products can be combined with other care products. Acids open the skin for subsequent care and transport the active ingredients one level deeper into the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to use the appropriate AHA product first and then apply a moisturiser such as DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentrate.

Facial cleansing

The optimum cleansing of the skin consists of a cleansing product suitable for the skin, which is often removed from the skin with water. DERMASENCE Tonicbalances the pH, strengthens the acid mantle and removes limescale and dirt from the skin.

In the evening, remove the make-up and dirt that has accumulated on the skin throughout the day. Overnight the skin metabolises a lot - it sweats. Morning cleansing prepares the skin for the day. Cleansing always provides the basis for facial care and makes the skin receptive for the following day and night care.

DERMASENCE Tonic, completes the cleansing, it strengthens the acid mantle of the skin through its acidic pH, soothes and hydrates its and increases its absorption capacity. Anyone who uses a tonic also needs less of the following care.

DERMASENCE Tonic contains only 5 % alcohol. On the one hand, this has a preservative and slightly disinfecting effect. It keeps the microflora on the skin in balance. Due to the rapid evaporation you can feel a cooling effect on the skin. On the other hand, alcohol can open the cell connections, thus improving the absorption capacity of the skin. Thus, the following ingredients of creams and serums can penetrate into the skin more easily. So you need less of the following care. The Tonic also contains nourishing and soothing ingredients, so it is also suitable for sensitive skin.


DERMASENCE MelaBlok is suitable for the brightening of pigment spots. The brightening fluid reduces melanin synthesis, acts against free radicals and brightens pigmentation spots. The fluid should be applied to the affected skin twice daily for at least 6-8 weeks. The following applies: The younger the pigmentation, the better the brightening effect.

The effect can be intensified in the evening by an AHA product, e.g. DERMASENCE AHA Effects plus C. During the day, a day cream with UV protection, e.g. DERMASENCE Cream Soft SPF 30, protects against pigment shifts.

To prevent darkening of pigmentation, daily UV protection is important. Especially during longer stays in the sun a higher UV protection should be chosen, e.g. DERMASENCE Solvinea Med SPF 50+, .


The dermatological shampoo DERMASENCE Medicinal shampoo is suitable for dry, scaly skin with a tendency to itching and itchy skin. Through its anti-dandruff complex it dissolves the scales and reduces the itching. The shampoo can be used once to twice a week alternating with  

DERMASENCE Milk Serum Shampoo.</p>

DERMASENCE Haircare Shampoo normalises the scalp, reduces excessive sebum on the skin, and counteracts dandruff. It can be used as a daily shampoo.

DERMASENCE Selensiv Shampoo is suitable for intensive dandruff formation and so-called dandruff plaques. With its anti-dandruff active ingredient, it is effective against over-keratinisation and irritation. The shampoo can be used for 2-3 weeks at a time for each hair wash and should last for at least 15 minutes. For follow-up treatment wash your hair with DERMASENCE Medicinal or Haircare Shampoo

Skincare for men

Yes! Men's skin is structured differently to women's skin. The skin is about 15 - 20% thicker and has more sebaceous glands and supporting collagen. The available sebaceous glands produce almost twice as much sebum as in women's skin. Therefore, younger men are more likely to experience blackheads and other blemishes. Furthermore, the acid mantle is more robust and the skin is thus not as sensitive to exogenous factors such as environmental influences. Since the skin is different in men and women, men also need different care.

Yes! Men's skin ages later, but then much more quickly. From the age of 30, skin ageing also begins in men. The first wrinkles are visible and the skin becomes thinner and drier. With older age, the different skin parameters are similar in women and men. DERMASENCE anti-ageing products are identified by the yellow dot and are also suitable for men's skin.

Yes! Men's skin must be cleaned in the morning and in the evening. Of course, the cleansing must be tailored to the skin. However, since male skin tends to blackheads and impurities more often, we recommend  DERMASENCE Mousse Cleansing Foam . The composition of gylcol and salicylic acid ensures deep cleansing of the pores and activates the skin at the same time. Subsequently, DERMASENCE Tonic  is applied. The cooling and moisturising tonic tightens the pH of the skin and has anti-inflammatory effects.

DERMASENCE Tonic  is wonderful as an aftershave. Due to its low alcohol content (5%), it has a disinfectant and at the same time anti-inflammatory effect. After shaving, a small amount of tonic can be put into the hands and applied to the face. If there is a tendency to razor burn, DERMASENCE BarrioPro Face Emulsion is suitable. The emulsion has a cooling effect, strengthens the skin barrier, signs of inflammation and increased sensitivity of the skin are reduced.

DERMASENCE products are also wonderfully suitable for men's skin as they are unisex, mild and perfumed in a skin-friendly way. Especially for men's skin, DERMASENCE Mousse Cleansing Foam and DERMASENCE Tonic are suitable as cleaning agents for the men's skin. For facial care we recommend DERMASENCE Cream Soft. The light gel cream has a matting effect on the skin and absorbs quickly. If the face is stressed by shaving, DERMASENCE BarrioPro Face Emulsion is suitable.



For outdoor activities DERMASENCE Solvinea Med SPF 50+ is suitable. This light gel cream with high UV-A and UV-B protection is suitable for sensitive skin with a tendency to impurities.

Combination skin

A characteristic of combination skin is the presence of several skin types on different areas of the face. The most common combination skin is the combination of greasy/oily and dry skin. The T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) is often greasy and the cheeks are dry. The T-zone can cause blemishes, blackheads and pimples and often a shiny film is present. Due to the dryness of the cheek area it tends to dryness wrinkles, the skin can stretch.

Finding the right care for combination skin is often not easy, as many products in the T-zone area appear too rich, while the dry cheek area needs to be moisturised. For daily cleansing, which is done in the morning and in the evening, we recommend DERMASENCE Mousse Cleansing Foam and then DERMASENCE Tonic. As facial care we recommend DERMASENCE Cream Soft. The light gel cream is especially suitable for combination skin. It has a matting property, is absorbed quickly and prevents oily shine for a long time. DERMASENCE Cream Soft is also wonderful as a make-up foundation.

In combination skin, impurities and pimples can often occur in the T-zone area. DERMASENCE Seborra Acute Roller is suitable as pimple emergency assistance. Frankincense extract reduces signs of inflammation, salicylic acid has a keratolytic effect and urea additionally moisturises the skin. If necessary, apply it to the spot. The anti-pimple stick can be applied several times a day including on make-up.


Nutritional supplements

Dietary supplements are important because many people today suffer from a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Special diets or certain dietary trends may be responsible for this. Our stressful everyday life, certain illnesses, pregnancy, old age or unhealthy lifestyles can also increase the need for minerals and vitamins. Deficiency symptoms often lead to a deterioration of the skin or may be implicated in the development of skin diseases. Hair loss and brittle nails can also be the result. By taking dietary supplements such phenomena can be counteracted.

DERMASENCE H3 Complex  includes only water-soluble vitamins. These cannot be stored in the body and therefore an overdose of vitamins is impossible. Due to the diverse combination of different B vitamins, the success of the product is guaranteed. It also contains minerals that have a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails. The H3 complex can be used to treat inflammatory skin conditions, rhagades and chapped lips, dry, brittle skin, sun sensitivity and brittle nails and hair.

Every day a tablet should be taken with some liquid. This should be kept to a 24-hour rhythm, so that the vitamin memory is always replenished evenly. The tablets should be kept out of reach of children. They should be stored in a cool, dry place and be protected from light.

The tablets are free of animal ingredients and lactose. All components are water-soluble, so they cannot be stored in the body and cannot cause overdosing. The tablets are also free of preservatives.

Mature skin

For mature skin there are two different cleansing products: Dry, dehydrated skin is gently cleansed with DERMASENCE Cleansing Milk. DERMASENCE Mousse.

is suitable for robust skin in need of activation.

The sensitive and mostly dry eye area is regenerated and cared for with DERMASENCE Eye Cream. The rich eye care hydrates the skin, promotes its elasticity and counteracts wrinkles. DERMASENCE Eye Cream is perfume-free and contains no creeping oils.

For tired, swollen eyes and a tendency to bags under the eyes, DERMASENCE Chrono Retare Anti-Ageing Eye Care stimulates the microcirculation with caffeine and simultaneously supplies the skin with moisture through hyaluronic acid.

DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentratecorrects the signs of skin ageing with high-dose hyaluronic acid and an anti-ageing active ingredient and specifically counteracts dryness and facial expression lines.

The main difference between the two products lies in the skin’s needs. DERMASENCE Chrono Retare Anti-Ageing Serum was developed for a slightly older target group with mature, demanding skin and moisturises deep layers of the skin with low molecular hyaluronic acid. The product focuses on the regeneration and prevention of premature ageing processes through ectoin and polyphenols from olive leaves. DERMASENCE Chrono Retare Anti-Ageing Serum is richer than DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentrate and also has a higher fat level. DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentrate with its high-molecular hyaluronic acid and Agirelene® (anti-ageing peptide) has an external Botox effect and directly cushions facial expression lines - some start from 25 years old onwards, whereas Chrono Retare was developed for mature skin - about 40, 45 years old and onwards.

The main difference between the two products lies in the skin’s needs. DERMASENCE Chrono Retare Anti-Ageing Eye Carewas specially developed for a slightly older target group with mature, demanding skin. The low-molecular hyaluronic acid moisturises deeper skin layers. Caffeine has a decongestant effect. DERMASENCE Eye Creamis a rich eye care product for areas of sensitive and delicate skin. It compensates for the loss of moisture and counteracts the first wrinkles. Also ideal for use as a lip balm.

Dry skin / neurodermatitis

DERMASENCE Cleansing MilkDue to its lipid-replenishing effect it is especially suitable for cleansing dry skin. The soap-free cleansing milk moisturises and soothes the skin. DERMASENCE Wash and Shower Lotion is suitable for the body. The soap-free washing gel cleans particularly gently and replenishes lipids.


For irritated, barrier-damaged skin,  DERMASENCE BarrioPro Cleansing Foam  is recommended, which calms the skin with dyer's woad and protects against inflammation. The foam can be used for facial and body cleansing.

DERMASENCE Polaneth Lotionis the special formula for skin prone to itching. It contains the local anaesthetic polidocanol, which reduces the itching sensation for up to 8 hours. At the same time menthol has a cooling effect.

Dry, horny feet become soft and supple again with the help of DERMASENCE Adtop plus 40. The care cream contains 40% urea, has a keratolytic effect and relieves feet of roughness, cracks and dryness. After application it is recommended to wear cotton stockings.

DERMASENCE Vitop forteDERMASENCE Vitop forte Junior


Vitop-Complex + Panthenol

Fat level 3

Fat level 3

Breathable, water-permeable protective film

Light lipid film due to jojoba and shea butter

Imitates the sebum of the skin according to

skin structure through skin's own lipids

Adtop texture, amphiphilic/p>

Almost a lotion, oil/water emulsion/p>

Solid cream structure

Supple, light cream structure / almost like a lotion

For children from 3 years

For babies from 3 months

Reduces eczema symptoms

Prevents the development of neurodermatitis



UV protection

Yes, because 100% sun protection does not exist. The UV filters protect the skin from sunburn and other light damage, yet the melanin synthesis of the skin is stimulated and the skin tans.

After bathing or if you sweat a lot, you should reapply cream to maintain the protective performance of the UV filter.

There is a rule of thumb for this: A teaspoon for the face and about 2-3 tablespoons for the body are necessary to obtain the specified UV protection factor.

Exact amount:

2mg/cm2 skin area => 40g for the whole body (for 2m2 skin)

Concentrates or serums such as  DERMASENCE RosaMin Serum or  DERMASENCE Hyalusome Concentrate can be given under UV protection. However, the products with SPF also contain hydrating, soothing and nourishing components, so that the skin is well cared for throughout the day.

DERMASENCE Aloe Vera Active Gel  is the ideal after-sun care. The gel contains highly concentrated aloe vera, which has an anti-irritant and regenerating effect. The fat-free formulation has a cooling effect at the same time. This can be intensified by storage in the refrigerator.

DERMASENCE BarrioPro Body Emulsion is suitable as a light body lotion because it calms and hydrates without greasing.

In the case of rosacea, UV radiation is considered to be the biggest trigger factor because it can promote the development of inflammation in the skin and thus contribute to the worsening of the chronic inflammatory skin disease. As daily UV protection the DERMASENCE RosaMin Tinted Day Care Formula SPF 50 is particularly suitable. The light care formula contains micro-encapsulated green pigments that break up when rubbed and put on the skin as a tint. The green pigments neutralise skin redness and irritation according to the complementary colour principle. SPF 50 protects rosacea-affected skin from the sun triggering factor. As an alternative to tinted care: Cream Soft SPF 30 This protects the skin against the damaging effects of UV rays with its high UV-A and UV-B broadband protection and at the same time has a nourishing effect. Even after aesthetic dermatological procedures, such as chemical peels, daily UV protection is recommended.

With a view to a particularly high level of effectiveness and compatibility, we deliberately do not rely on purely mineral sunscreen products, but rather on a well-balanced combination of modern water- and oil-soluble high-performance filters and particulate (physical) filters. Our sun protection products reliably protect against UV-A and UV-B rays.

No! The "waterproof" seal is awarded to sunscreens which, after 2 x 20 minutes in the water, still have at least 50% of their light protection factor. Up to half of the sunscreen can therefore be lost. After bathing, rubbing with a towel often results in another 50% loss. However, the "waterproof" claim gives the impression that the effect of the product is fully preserved even after contact with water. This is misleading and offers only false security. For this reason, we at DERMASENCE have consciously refrained from this claim for years. Every two hours, during heavy sweating or after contact with water, the sunscreen must be applied again generously.

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