Light anti-aging care from the first wrinkles!

The skin aging processes already slowly pick up speed in your mid-twenties. To prevent premature skin aging or smooth out the first expression lines, we recommend our DERMASENCE Hyalusome series.

Moisturizing, cell-protecting, regenerative active ingredients provide the skin with what it needs. Bundled in lightweight formulations, Hyalusome products leave the skin feeling comfortable. For relaxed and plumper-looking skin every day.


DERMASENCE Hyalusome Konzentrat, 30 ml

Hyalusome Concentrate

Facial fluid

formerly Eye Cream
DERMASENCE Hyalusome Eye Care

Hyalusome Eye care

Anti-ageing effect with hyaluron and green tea

formerly Cream Rich
DERMASENCE Hyalusome Moisturising cream

Hyalusome Moisturising cream

Anti-ageing effect with hyaluron and vitamin E

formerly Cream + Mask
DERMASENCE Hyalusome Night Care

Hyalusome Night care

Anti-ageing effect with hyaluron and evening primrose oil

DERMASENCE Hyalusome Day Cream with SPF 50

Hyalusome Day cream with SPF 50

Anti-ageing care with hyaluron and Q10

DERMASENCE Cleansing Gel

Hyalusome Cleansing gel

Hydrating facial cleanser

Button: Formerly AHA Effects plus C
DERMASENCE Hyalusome Intensiv aktivierende Creme, 30 ml

Hyalusome Intensive activating cream

Facial cream with glycolic acid and vitamin C