DERMASENCE Chrono retare

Regenerates and tightens mature skin over 45 years of age

Around the eyes and mouth, or the décolleté and forehead - when fine lines become wrinkles, it's time for the right skincare. Preserve the beauty of your skin with the Chrono retare products from DERMASENCE.

Mature skin is demanding and prone to be dry. The process of skin renewal slows down continuously, and the natural pH value is often shifted. The anti-aging active ingredients of the Chrono retare series counteract these processes. They plump up wrinkles, moisturize and regenerate the skin with a long-term effect.

DERMASENCE Chrono retare Anti-Ageing Eye Care

Chrono retare Anti-Ageing Eye Care

Eye care from 45

DERMASENCE Chrono retare Anti-Ageing-Serum

Chrono retare Anti-Ageing-Serum

Facial care from 45

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