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AHA Body & Face Lotion

Body lotion with fruit acid and urea

AHA Effects

Fruit acid cream for mature skin

AHA Effects plus C

Revitalising fruit acid cream

Aloe Vera Active Gel

Anti-irritative moisturising mask

BarrioPro Gesichtsemulsion

Regenerating facial emulsion

BarrioPro Körperemulsion

Counteracts redness and discomfort

BarrioPro Reinigungsschaum

Anti-irritative cleansing foam

BarrioPro Wund- und Narbenpflegeemulsion

Intensive formula after skin injuries

Chrono retare Anti-Aging-Augenpflege

Eye care from 45

Chrono retare Anti-Aging-Serum

Facial care from 45

Cream + Mask

Day care and mask for stressed skin

Cream Rich

Day care formula for dry skin

Cream Rich mit LSF 15

Day care formula with UV protection for dry skin

Cream Soft LSF 30

Day care formula with UV protection for blemished skin

Eye Cream

Basic eye care

Face Peeling

Peeling cream with microspheres of plant origin

H³ Komplex

Nutritional supplement for a healthy appearance

Hyalusome Konzentrat

Special formula for wrinkles


Special formula for pigmentation

Mousse Reinigungsschaum

Pore-deep cleansing foam


Gentle cleansing for sensitive skin

Reiseset Tonic / Mousse

Travel-sized tonic and cleansing foam

Skinpro Lipo

Lipid-replenishing body care

Solvinea Liquid AK LSF 30

Ultralight sunscreen liquid for the scalp

Solvinea LSF 30

High UV protection for every skin type

Solvinea Med LSF 50+

Intensive sunscreen with a very high UV filter

Solvinea Spray LSF 50+

Sun protection for the whole family


Skin clarifying tonic

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