Booster for your skin barrier!

The skin barrier fulfills many fundamental functions. Ensure that it can perform these functions with DERMASENCE BarrioPro products and counteract irritations.

Sensitive skin needs particularly gentle active ingredients that soothe and regenerate. With the BarrioPro series, you care for your skin mildly, yet effectively. Thereby, your skin barrier receives the support it needs. This care series is also ideal after aesthetic treatments.

DERMASENCE BarrioPro Facial Emulsion

BarrioPro Barrier-building facial emulsion

Regenerating facial emulsion

DERMASENCE BarrioPro Body Emulsion

BarrioPro Barrier-building body emulsion

Counteracts redness and discomfort

DERMASENCE BarrioPro Wound and Scar Treatment Emulsion

BarrioPro Wound and scar care emulsion

Intensive formula after skin injuries