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Sun protection

Sun protection

Relax and enjoy the sun!

UV protection at the highest astage
for every skin type.

The right sunscreen for your skin type!

However well the heat of the sun affects our mood, the UV radiation of the sun has an immense impact on the health of our skin: UV-A radiation promotes the early ageing of the skin. UV-B radiation is considered the most important risk factor for the development of sunburn and resulting skin cancer. Sun protection is therefore an absolute must-have during summer and holiday season - especially for toddlers, where sunburn increases the risk of skin cancer enormously.

The sun protection basics
The choice of sunscreen is as individual as the self-protection time - because each person’s skin reacts with a different speed to redness when it is not protected with a sunscreen. The time up to the first signs of redness is called self-protection time. The lighter the skin type, the shorter is the time our skin can be exposed to the sun without UV protection. The SPF should also be correspondingly high. The typical self-protection time of the skin is multiplied by the sun protection factor. The result indicates how many minutes a stay in the sun is possible without the risk of sunburn. Light skin type 1 has self-protection for a maximum of ten minutes, for dark type 5 it is 60 minutesat the most. By this time at the latest, application of sun screen is unavoidable: about three to four tablespoons of sun screen on the body and a teaspoon on the face can effectively protect the skin from damaging UV radiation. Applying sun screen after bathing and sweating is particularly important to maintain protection.

Product recommendations

Intensive sunscreen with a very high UV filter
[Translate to Englisch:] Produktbild DERMASENCE Solvinea Med LSF 50+

Solvinea Med LSF 50+

DERMASENCE Solvinea Med SPF 50+ is a sunscreen gel cream with a particularly light texture, which offers intensive protection to the lower skin layers with its very high UV-A and UV-B filters. In particular, it protects areas that are exposed to the sun - such as the face, neck and décolleté - while working against UV-induced skin ageing.

Due to its light, gel-like formulation, it is suitable for oily and blemish-prone skin as well as a tendency to rosacea and acne aestivalis.

DERMASENCE Solvinea Med SPF 50+ is the ideal sun protection for every skin type.

High UV protection for every skin type
[Translate to Englisch:] Produktbild DERMASENCE Solvinea LSF 30

Solvinea LSF 30

Light DERMASENCE Solvinea SPF 30 provides high UV-A and UV-B protection for all skin types. The particularly compatible sunscreen emulsion nourishes and protects the skin with the natural antioxidant vitamin E, which with its cell-protecting properties counteracts skin-damaging UV radiation.

For example, DERMASENCE Solvinea SPF 30 also provides gentle protection for children’s delicate skin and skin prone to acne or neurodermatitis without irritating it. In order to spare the most sensitive skin any sources of irritation, DERMASENCE Solvinea SPF 30 is also free of nanoparticles and perfume.

How do I protect my skin from the sun?


In our new DERMASENCE tutorial, we'll explain how to give your skin effective UV protection with Solvinea Med SPF 50+. Our seminar leader Anna Tersteeg introduces you to the product and describes how best to use it.

Day care formula with UV protection

Bright blue skies in spring or full sun in the middle of autumn - on these days the dangers of the sun's rays are quickly forgotten. However, UV-A and UV-B radiation also has a negative effect on our skin, even outside midsummer. Day care with a medium to very high sun protection factor protects us from the skin-damaging effects of the sun on bright days. At the same time they offer a perfect care effect, tailored to the respective skin type. As of this our skin is optimally supplied and protected against sunburn, premature skin ageing and sun-related skin irritations - every day.

Day care formula with UV protection for dry skin
[Translate to Englisch:] Produktbild DERMASENCE Cream Rich LSF 15

Cream Rich mit LSF 15

The day care cream with UVA / UVB broadband filter system protects dry and sensitive facial skin from the harmful rays of the sun. DERMASENCE Cream Rich SPF 15 moisturises and nourishes with panthenol, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. High-quality olive oil and shea butter support the barrier function of the skin.

Day care formula with UV protection
[Translate to Englisch:] Produktbild DERMASENCE Cream Soft LSF 30

Cream Soft LSF 30

The non-perfumed, high-UV-protection day cream is ideal for the daily care of sensitive, greasy and blemished skin. The innovative UVA/UVB filter system in DERMASENCE Cream Soft SPF 30 protects the face, neck and décolleté from UV-induced skin damage, even in the deeper layers of the skin.

Tinted Day Care Formula
[Translate to Englisch:] Produktbild DERMASENCE RosaMin Getönte Tagespflege LSF 50

Getönte Tagespflege LSF 50

Safe UV protection, clever concealment and gentle care - DERMASENCE RosaMin Tinted Day Care Formula SPF 50 combines all this. The broad-spectrum protection of the gel cream prevents the formation of irritations caused by sun-related damage and protects the skin from premature ageing processes. Micro-encapsulated green colour pigments transform into a concealing tint immediately after application. In the long term, a herbal 5-fold active complex strengthens the barrier of the skin.

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